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Brand Stomped

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Brand Stomped map

Brand Stomped is a Prologue: Bound by Blood achievement where you help repair Broken Brand Stompers around Grothmar Valley.


Brand Stomped Prologue: Bound by Blood 10Achievement points
Repair all 10 broken Brand Stompers around Grothmar Valley.
  • Speak to Vetia Foerazer in the Blood Keep to learn more.
  • Brand Stomper 1
  • Brand Stomper 2
  • Brand Stomper 3
  • Brand Stomper 4
  • Brand Stomper 5
  • Brand Stomper 6
  • Brand Stomper 7
  • Brand Stomper 8
  • Brand Stomper 9
  • Brand Stomper 10
1 Brand Stomper Repaired 0Achievement points
2 Brand Stompers Repaired 1Achievement points
4 Brand Stompers Repaired 2Achievement points
7 Brand Stompers Repaired 3Achievement points
11 Brand Stompers Repaired 4Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Objective Map Area Coordinates Walkthrough


At each location, interact with the Broken Brand Stomper to begin the repair process. The time remaining is visualized above the stomper as a circle which fills up over the course of 30 seconds. You can also see the exact amount of time remaining by hovering your mouse over the Repair Golems Deployed effect that is granted by interacting with the broken stomper.

There are two types of attacks on the stomper while you are repairing, but both involve exploding creatures which will stop the repair procedure. In the first type, Branded Devourers shoot exploding grubs towards the stomper. When the grub lands, an AoE expands around them. When the AoE under the grub is full, the grub explodes, and the repair golems stop working. In the second type, exploding constructs slowly move towards the brand stomper, with an expanding AoE under them. Again, when the AoE fills completely, they will explode and cancel the repairing process.

There are a couple of ways to keep creatures from exploding on the stomper. One option is to push (e.g. Knockback, Fear etc.) or pull the creatures away so that they are not close to the stomper when they explode. Another option is to kill them before they explode by dealing damage quickly. In the devourer scenario, you can kill the devourer quickly to keep them from shooting more grubs.