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Legendary Icebrood Construct

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the strike boss. For other uses, see Icebrood Construct.

Legendary Icebrood Construct

Legendary Icebrood Construct is the boss in Shiverpeaks Pass strike mission. It is a deadlier variant of the Icebrood Construct.



Combat abilities[edit]

  • Shockwaves
  • Creates Wind
  • Ice Magic
  • Deadly Ice Shock Wave
  • Frostbite Aura - Icebrood construct pulses a volatile aura that deals damage every 3 seconds to all foes within a range of 2,000.
  • Ice Arm Swing - No skill description found.
  • Ice Shatter - The icebrood construct shatters a piece of its core, creating ice platforms that shoot multiple ice projectiles. Once the projectiles stop, the platform becomes safe to stand on.
  • Ice Shock Wave - The Icebrood construct slams its arm down, doing damage and creating a shock wave that knocks enemies down. The shock wave can be jumped.
  • Shatter Arm
  • Spinning Ice
Stolen skills

Related achievements[edit]


  • This boss counts mechanically as a giant, so killing it will progress the Giant Slayer achievement.