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Party Guardian

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Overview of champion locations

Party Guardian is an achievement obtained within Grothmar Valley, awarded for slaying all six threats to the festivities.


Party Guardian Prologue: Bound by Blood Icebrood Saga mastery point 4Achievement points
Defeat all possible threats to Grothmar's festivities.
1 Threats Dispatched 1Achievement points
3 Threats Dispatched 1Achievement points
6 Threats Dispatched 2Achievement points


One champion will spawn following each of the four meta events of Grothmar Valley, regardless of that meta's success. The champion will appear almost immediately after the Concert and the Ceremony of the Sacred Flame, but you must wait until the Contender's Colosseum closes after The Ooze Pit Trials, and for Shaman Brightblaze to return to the Flame Legion Camp after The Haunting of Doomlore Shrine.

The order in which the champions spawn does not appear to be completely random, and seems to vary in its degree of randomness between map instances -- for example, one map might have all six appear in a consistent order with little variation, while another might have the same three or four appear several times before the others show up. The same champion will never appear immediately after itself, however.[verification requested]
Map # Objective Event Location
1 Devourer Defeat the threat to the festivities (Devourer) Dalada Forest
2 Parasite Devourer Defeat the threat to the festivities (Parasite Devourer) Devourer's Ridge
3 River Drake Defeat the threat to the festivities (Broodmother) Sacnoth Stream
4 Ghost Captain Defeat the threat to the festivities (Ghost Captain) Dalada Forest
5 Ghost Mage Defeat the threat to the festivities (Ghost Mage) Doomlore Ruins
6 Rogue Prisoner Defeat the threat to the festivities (Valg Portermauler) The Brig


  • Events other than the ones listed above will not count towards this achievement.
  • In more populated maps, it is recommended that players split up to the various locations and shout when the champion appears, and to only use basic attacks to keep the champions alive long enough for slower players to arrive and thus get credit.