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Eyes for Ears

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Eyes for Ears map

Eyes for Ears is a Prologue: Bound by Blood achievement.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate 16 listening devices scattered throughout the camp. With the achievement active, the listening devices become more visible and emit a sinister chirping sound (affected by Environmental Volume). Double-click on the Listening Device Sweeper to activate the special marking skill  Scan (Priory Scan Gun).png Identify Device and use it on each listening device.

Active listening device
Inactive listening device


Eyes for Ears Prologue: Bound by Blood 10Achievement points
Find all the listening devices hidden throughout Grothmar.
  • Meet with your initial contact to start the collection.
  • "Listen in where he keeps watch."
  • "Tune in for a tune up."
  • "Sometimes it's okay to have things confiscated..."
  • "Keep surveillance of her under the table."
  • "I'll never miss a song again."
  • "He seems nice, but can we really trust him?"
  • "I'd hate to have to climb all those steps just to sleep."
  • "Something for my ARCH-rival. Heh."
  • "Maybe I can catch some cooking tips?"
  • "Drinks and secrets are often spilled together."
  • "I'll cross this one when I have to."
  • "Right on target."
  • "Recruited a spy we don't need to pay or feed."
  • "What are they even researching?"
  • "Remember: establish plausible deniability."
Found 1 of the Listening Devices Hidden Throughout Grothmar 0Achievement points
Found 4 of the Listening Devices Hidden Throughout Grothmar 1Achievement points
Found 8 of the Listening Devices Hidden Throughout Grothmar 2Achievement points
Found 12 of the Listening Devices Hidden Throughout Grothmar 3Achievement points
Found 16 of the Listening Devices Hidden Throughout Grothmar 4Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

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Using the special action on the device for "I'll never miss a song again" might not result in credit, which means that this particular location instance is bugged. The only way to complete the achievement is to find another instance of the location by volunteering or checking it the other day.