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Ballooning Targets

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A map of all target locations.

Ballooning Targets is a Prologue: Bound by Blood achievement in Grothmar Valley


Ballooning Targets Prologue: Bound by Blood 3Achievement points
Shoot every target balloon in the target shooting event at least once.All right, hotshot—let's see what you've got. 1 of 25 Balloons Shot 1Achievement points
15 of 25 Balloons Shot 1Achievement points
25 of 25 Balloons Shot 1Achievement points


The achievement can be earned during the within the Event star (tango icon).png Shoot targets to demonstrate your marksmanship to the cubs (80) event in Training Grounds in Grothmar Valley.

Target #0 will often not be within range to be shot with the normal lock-on-style and may require you to take leading shots in an attempt to hit it, this will be far from guaranteed and may take more than one run to accomplish but it is doable.

If you're struggling to find many missing targets then try only aiming for targets in sets, such as only aiming for close range targets on your first time around then moving to the furthest targets, also keep in mind that targets you've already hit re-spawn fairly quickly so if your event lasts long enough you will cycle back around and potentially be hitting the same targets.

Objective Map Notes


  • The directions in which the circling targets rotate vary randomly between instances.
  • It is possible to place markers on the targets with a commander tag which in e.g. combination with a private squad could be used to keep track of targets.
  • Each shooting round lasts 5 minutes. The delay after the last one has finished is approximately 10 minutes.