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Arkk (hologram).jpg

Arkk's hologram

Arkk (airship cannon).jpg

Arkk wielding Horrik's Airship Cannon

Arkk (archdiviner hammer).jpg

Arkk wielding Legendary Archdiviner's Hammer

Arkk (peacemaker weapon).jpg

Arkk wielding a unique peacemaker weapon

Now you're in my domain. I set the parameters. I control the variables. Try to keep up.


Arkk, originally known as the Mysterious Asura, is a recurring antagonist and a moving plot involving the Fractals of the Mists that runs parallel to Living World Season 3. His identity and plans remain shrouded in mystery, though it is known from journals he left behind that he—and perhaps the krewe he led—had been studying the Mists and, more specifically, on destabilizing the fractals within.

Arkk has a device he has dubbed the Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer (or DDR) which he uses to cause "chaotic instabilities" to destabilize and reduce cohesion of the fractals. He also has the ability to block Dessa's means of communication.


In the Chaos Fractal, Arkk (As the Mysterious Asura, and printed in the dialogue box as “Mysterious Voice”) was first introduced to the players. He claimed that he’s been in the Chaos Isles for some time, and was irritated because the players might disturb him. As the player explored further into the Chaos Isles, he tried everything he could to stop these intruders, including obstructing Dessa, sending golems, the Chaos Anomaly, a blizzard and finally the Legendary Brazen Gladiator. When the players defeated the Brazen Gladiator, he was furious, saying he would kill player, but his DDR’s been out of energy, then he teleported away.

In the Nightmare Fractal, Arkk finally revealed his name and claimed to be chased by (and having a debt toward) the Inquest. After a brief alliance with the adventurers visiting the fractal who helped him clear a path through the reimagined Tower of Nightmares, he ran off with the core of the fractal which he had recovered after the defeat of Ensolyss, warning the adventurers not to follow him.

In the Shattered Observatory Fractal, Arkk was revealed to be Dessa's son, with a plan to try to break himself and her out of the fractal loop. However, he ultimately realized that neither he nor Dessa were real, as they were only fractal echoes of their former selves. Coming to terms with his existence, Arkk assisted Dessa with stopping his machine from destroying the fractals and shared one last moment with her before the fractal would eventually loop again and put him and her right back where they started.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

Nightmare Fractal[edit]

  • Hologram

Shattered Observatory Fractal[edit]

  • Creates Chaos
  • Manipulates Time and Space

DefianceLocked defiance bar (periodically below 80% health and when casting Force of the Nightmare)

  • Diaphanous Shielding.png Diaphanous Shielding (2s) - The active reactor provides a 25% increase to damage dealt and a 10% decrease to damage received per stack.
  • Blinding Radiance (only at the beginning and while fighting the Elite Archdiviner/Brazen Gladiator) - Unleashes solar energy, blinding and damaging anyone looking at the source.
  • Blinding Radiance - This creature is charging Blinding Radiance. Any foes caught looking at the source of the attack will take significant damage.
  • Curved Shot - Unleashes a bolt of solar energy, burning enemies in the target area.
  • Cursed Grasp - Fires a projectile that inflicts Pull.png Pull.
  • Diffractive Edge - Fires a wave of diffractive energy, damaging foes in its path.
  • Focused Rage (only above 40% health) - Releases a wave of chaotic mists, damaging and knocking back enemies in its path.
  • Force of the Nightmare (failed cc after reactor phase) - Uses the Nightmare Orb to power a deadly explosion.
  • Horizon Strike - Damages enemies with a series of chaotic blasts.
  • Overhead Smash (only above 40% health) - Smashes the ground, damaging and knocking back enemies in the area.
  • Rolling Chaos (only below 40% health) - Rolls a ball of chaotic energy across the platform, heavily damaging foes in its path.
  • Solar Fury - Targets all players and launches a bouncing projectile toward their location, leaving fire after each bounce.
  • Starburst Cascade (only below 70% health) - Sends a wave of cascading energy across the platform. This attack can be jumped.
  • Supernova (failed solar bloom phase) - Releases a solar explosion, killing all enemies in the area.
  • Swing - Basic melee auto-attack.
Stolen skills

Shattered Observatory Fractal Challenge Mode[edit]

  • System Architect Repro 2.0
  • Temporal Realignment - Marks a player with the Monster Skill.png Cosmic Meteor effect causing them to explode and deal massive damage to allies if not contained.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Deluxe Gear Box.png Deluxe Gear Box
(only drops in Shattered Observatory Fractal)
Container Exotic 1
Drops the "Steam Creature" variant of the Deluxe Gear Box.

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