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Hidden chest (Hall of Chains)

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Hidden chest

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Hidden chests (Hall of Chains).jpg

Location of the hidden chests in the Hall of Chains.

There are four Hidden chests scattered around Hall of Chains.


The Mists

Chest locations[edit]

# Picture Notes
1 Hall of Chains - Hidden chest 1.jpg North of the platform where you encounter Soulless Horror. Appears after the fight. To get there stand on the cliff slightly north of Besieged Ruins and glide to the rock shelf.
2 Hall of Chains - Hidden chest 2.jpg Just below the end of the River of Souls. After finishing Traverse the River of Souls drop directly down on the right side.
3 Hall of Chains - Hidden chest 3.jpg On the south side of Death's Landing, below the entrance to the caves under Hall of Judgement. Appears after restoring the Statues of Grenth.
4 Hall of Chains - Hidden chest 4.jpg Behind the throne. Appears after imprisoning Dhuum.


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