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Dhuum's Messenger

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Dhuum's Messengers can be found in the Hall of Judgment in the Hall of Chains. Upon starting the fight with Dhuum, two Dhuum's Messengers will spawn in the arena. For the duration of the fight, high in the arena medium sized orbs will float towards the column of light in the middle. If they reach it, a new Dhuum's Messenger will spawn. For the first two minutes of the fight, one will spawn approximately every 10 seconds. For the rest of the fight, one will spawn every minute at roughly the thirty-second marker. As with Dhuum's Enforcers, their spawns can be avoided by players picking up the appropriate orbs.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]


Dhuum's Messengers follow the first person to attack them after they spawn. Once attacked they get an effect called Imminent Demise which automatically kills them after 15 seconds. Dhuum's Messengers do not attack players, but instead have a heavily damaging aoe around them, quickly downing and killing players affected by it.

Stolen skills


  • They have 63,096 health.

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