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Commander Serentine was a recent Commander of Divinity's Reach. Serentine first came to the attention of Legate Minister Caudecus as a Lieutenant while investigating the death of Minister Brios. Serentine turned to Caudecus for help after Logan Thackeray of the Seraph and Countess Anise of the Shining Blade seemed to be conspiring to hamper her investigation.

In 1325 AE, it was discovered that the Ministry had an alliance with the bandits plaguing Kryta's countryside. The bandits would make the Seraph look incompetent, and in return, when the council took over Kryta the bandits would be able to do as they pleased. Furthermore, it became clear that Commander Serentine was disrupting the Seraph's investigations, and bailing the bandits out of prison early when they did get caught. Anise and Thackeray caught her trying to break Big Nose Ted out, and Serentine was killed in the ensuing scuffle.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Determined.png Determined - Determined to survive and immune to damage.
  • Regeneration.png Regeneration - Gain health every second; stacks duration.
  • Fire Shield.png Fire Shield - Enveloped in a fiery shield that burns foes, grants might each time you are struck (1-second cooldown per attacker).
  • Mace Smash Mace Smash
  • Crushing Blow Crushing Blow
  • Faithful Strike Faithful Strike
  • Protector's Strike Protector's Strike
Stolen skills


Serentine was changed from a champion to veteran in The Commander instance during the May 20th, 2014 update, however she remained a champion during earlier story instances.


  • Commander Serentine is voiced by Kate Miller.
  • While playing as a human Commoner character in the Bastion of the Penitent raid, the player character can trigger the following dialogue in Death Row: "I swore to myself I'd never go back to jail, and yet... here we are. This one's for you, Serentine."

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