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Rigom appears during the confrontation with Samarog in Bastion of the Penitent. Rigom will appear alongside Guldhem when Samarog has reached 66% and 33% health.


Woodland Cascades

Combat abilities[edit]

  • The Wimp
  • Resurrects
  • Focuses and runs towards his fixation.
  • Takes damage for Guldhem.
  • Resurrects himself when lethal damage is taken.
  • Fixate (Rigom).png Fixate: Rigom - Rigom decides which player to focus and walk toward.
  • Right-Side Up.png Strengthened Bond: Rigom - Increases maximum health by 100,000. Stacks increase when in close proximity to Guldhem.
  • Anguished Wail - Rigom unleashes all the energy transferred to him from Guldhem in an instant, dealing massive damage in an area around him.
  • Prison Shank - Rigom swings his dagger out in an arc in front of him.
Stolen skills


  • Rigom has a 60 range diameter hitbox.

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