Sous Chef (NPC)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC. For the Frying Pan (toy) skill, see Sous Chef.

Sous Chef


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Costume Brawl summon version

Interactive map

Sous Chefs are humans skilled in cooking. One can be found sitting on top of the lobster in Western Ward, another one in the kitchen of Lakeside Bazaar.

A small charr Sous Chef can be summoned by using the Costume Brawl skill Sous Chef, which comes with the Frying Pan.




At Western Ward
Something about this spot makes you feel hungry, doesn't it?
Talk more option tango.png A little, now that you mention it...
I could really go for something dipped in butter.
If you have a Stick of Butter in your inventory
Talk give option tango.png I happen to have some butter here (give 1 stick of butter)...
You're very generous. Thank you. (Grants 30 seconds of Swiftness)
Talk end option tango.png Enjoy it in good health.
Talk end option tango.png That sounds great. Good luck finding it.
Talk end option tango.png Not really. Good-bye.