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Captain Hao Luen is the financial adviser to the Captain's Council and current leader of the Arch Exchange. He is the grandson of Hao Luen, the counter of the Arch Exchange, and a member of the Kurzick House zu Heltzer. He survived the attack on Lion's Arch, and was found in the refugee camp in Gendarran Fields before eventually returning to Lion's Arch.



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For previous dialogue: Captain Hao Luen/dialogue
Please do not think me rude, but I have much to do. Perhaps the Lionguard will be better able to aid you.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.
After unlocking the Tracing the Tapestry achievement
Well, hello, Commander. What brings you to the Crow's Nest?
Talk more option tango.png Weird question, but you're of Canthan heritage, right?
Yes, my family's been here in Kryta for centuries, but we're proud of our Canthan roots. I'm planning to visit as soon as I have the time. Why do you ask?
Talk more option tango.png I'm looking for a piece of an old tapestry. You happen to have one?
That's...a surprising question. But yes, I do. It passed to me shortly before I became captain. It's been handed down from firstborn to firstborn for, well, I don't know how long...
Talk more option tango.png (Tell him all Countes Danika zu Heltzer told you.)
A zu Heltzer? Hmm, well, I knew we were of noble blood, and they're about as noble as it gets. That would mean I'm a Kurzick, though. That's a new idea... You said you need my piece?
Talk more option tango.png I need it to reunite the house.
I guess that's a noble enough cause... And with what you did for Lion's Arch, I trust you're on the up-and-up.
Talk collection option.png Thank you.
Here you are. Please be careful with it, and let me know how it all goes.
Talk end option tango.png I will.
Talk end option tango.png On second thought...
Talk end option tango.png Veeery interesting...
Talk end option tango.png Actually, never mind...
Talk end option tango.png We'll talk later.
After receiving the piece of tapestry
It's hard to imagine a little piece of fabric reuniting an ancient house, but I'm curious to see how this goes. Please, don't lose it.
Talk more option tango.png I won't. (ends conversation)


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