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Magic-Warped Packet

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Magic-Warped Packet.png

Magic-Warped Packet

Item type
Account Bound
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Contains basic crafting materials with a chance to get ascended materials.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Natto Natto Pride of the Pact Bloodstone Fen 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin
Provisioner Anlana Provisioner Anlana Bloated Beach Siren's Landing 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin
Quartermaster Hitchens Quartermaster Hitchens Doric's Landing Lake Doric 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin
Scholar Surra Scholar Surra Infernal Cape Ember Bay 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin
Slooshoo Slooshoo Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary Bitterfrost Frontier 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin
Supplymaster Hanjo Supplymaster Hanjo Mariner Landing Draconis Mons 250 Unbound Magic.png + 50 Silver coin

Reward tracks[edit]

  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.
  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.
  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.
  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.
  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.
  • Tier 2,
5th reward. 10th of 40.


This achievement rewards items. Born for Battle Flashpoint 0Achievement points
Defeat ten mercenaries during the final surge.Story Journal: Taimi's Pet Project
Reward:Magic-Warped Packet.png Magic-Warped Packet
Defeated Ten Mercenaries during the Final Surge 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Those Giant Hands The Head of the Snake Heart of Thorns mastery point 3Achievement points
Defeat the Harathi High Sage and the massive earth elemental it summons.Is it dead yet? You think it's going to explode?
Reward:Magic-Warped Packet.png Magic-Warped Packet
Defeated the Harathi High Sage 3Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Stay Unfrosty A Crack in the Ice 5Achievement points
Battle the ice beast without being frozen.Story Instance: Frozen Out
Reward:Magic-Warped Packet.png Magic-Warped Packet
Withstood the Ice Beast Without Being Frozen 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Cami's Final Voyage Rising Flames 7Achievement points
Collect Cami's journal entries around Ember Bay.I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
Reward:Magic-Warped Packet.png Magic-Warped Packet

  • Infernal Cape: look around the tip of the peninsula.
  • Shipwreck Beach: northwest of the cursed circus, buried in rocks after the beach labyrinth.
  • Bleeding Pulpit: located northeast of the bubbling caldera.
  • Lava Flats: Slipped under rock overhangs in the pool area.
  • Basalt Rise: below the largest rock outcrop east of the vista.
  • Fractured Caldera: northeast of Smoosh-a-Tron.
  • Sopor Titanum: Hidden directly west under the second staircase within the ruins.
Found 1 of Cami's Journal Entries 1Achievement points
Found 2 of Cami's Journal Entries 1Achievement points
Found 3 of Cami's Journal Entries 1Achievement points
Found 4 of Cami's Journal Entries 1Achievement points
This achievement rewards items. Tablets of the Unseen Rising Flames 10Achievement points
Read the mursaat tablets scattered around their old fortress."The mursaat are an important piece of Tyrian history." — Ela Makkay
Reward:Magic-Warped Packet.png Magic-Warped Packet

  • Tablet 1
  • Tablet 2
  • Tablet 3
  • Tablet 4
  • Tablet 5
  • Tablet 6
  • Tablet 7
  • Tablet 8
  • Tablet 9
  • Tablet 10
You Found 1 Mursaat Lore Tablet 1Achievement points
You Found 2 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points
You Found 3 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points
You Found 4 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points



  • Drop rate research can be found here, the current results of which are displayed below:
Item Average number of item received per container opened
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore 0.706
Cotton Scrap.png Cotton Scrap 0.557
Hard Wood Log.png Hard Wood Log 0.537
Seasoned Wood Log.png Seasoned Wood Log 0.536
Linen Scrap.png Linen Scrap 0.533
Coarse Leather Section.png Coarse Leather Section 0.528
Soft Wood Log.png Soft Wood Log 0.521
Thin Leather Section.png Thin Leather Section 0.382
Platinum Ore.png Platinum Ore 0.359
Wool Scrap.png Wool Scrap 0.352
Rugged Leather Section.png Rugged Leather Section 0.342
Mithril Ore.png Mithril Ore 0.34
Thick Leather Section.png Thick Leather Section 0.34
Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log 0.322
Hardened Leather Section.png Hardened Leather Section 0.274
Silk Scrap.png Silk Scrap 0.19
Ancient Wood Log.png Ancient Wood Log 0.189
Silver Ore.png Silver Ore 0.185
Jute Scrap.png Jute Scrap 0.174
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore 0.171
Green Wood Log.png Green Wood Log 0.167
Rawhide Leather Section.png Rawhide Leather Section 0.165
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore 0.163
Orichalcum Ore.png Orichalcum Ore 0.095
Gossamer Scrap.png Gossamer Scrap 0.074
Deldrimor Steel Ingot.png Deldrimor Steel Ingot 0.027
Elonian Leather Square.png Elonian Leather Square 0.024
Spiritwood Plank.png Spiritwood Plank 0.024
Bolt of Damask.png Bolt of Damask 0.023

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