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Warclaw Companion

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Warclaw Companion is an achievement to unlock the Warclaw.


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Warclaw Companion World vs World Warclaw 10Achievement points
Complete the following tasks to earn the mighty warclaw mount.It takes a strong will to master the warclaw.
Unlock Item:Warclaw Emblem.png Warclaw Emblem
Reward:Warclaw Certificate of Ownership.png Warclaw Certificate of Ownership

Completed 8 Warclaw Achievements 10Achievement points


Achievement Acquisition
Warclaw Emblem Acquire a warclaw emblem by spending one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery section of the WvW menu.
Warclaw Gorget Capture a keep.
Warclaw Horn Spikes Capture a camp
Warclaw Saddle Capture a tower.
Warclaw Helmet Unlock the warclaw helmet by completing the Warclaw Reward Track.
Warclaw Body Armor Unlock the warclaw body armor by purchasing it with WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets from the Warclaw Tender.
Warclaw Leg Armor Use Badges of Honor to purchase warclaw leg armor at the Warclaw Tender.
Warclaw Tail Armor Unlock the warclaw tail armor by looting it from guards.


  • You must enter or be in a WvW map to receive the Warclaw Emblem.
  • The Warclaw Body Armor can be unlocked by purchasing the Warclaw Armor Bolts.