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Warclaw Companion

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Warclaw Companion is an achievement to unlock the Warclaw.


This is a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Warclaw Companion World vs World Warclaw 10Achievement points
Complete the following tasks to earn the mighty warclaw mount.It takes a strong will to master the warclaw.
Unlock Item: Warclaw Emblem.pngWarclaw Emblem
Reward: Warclaw Certificate of Ownership.pngWarclaw Certificate of Ownership

Completed 8 Warclaw Achievements 10Achievement points


Objective Notes
1 Warclaw Emblem Acquire a warclaw emblem by spending one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery section of the WvW menu.
2 Warclaw Gorget Capture a keep.
3 Warclaw Horn Spikes Capture a camp
4 Warclaw Saddle Capture a tower.
5 Warclaw Helmet Unlock the warclaw helmet by completing the Warclaw Reward Track.
6 Warclaw Body Armor Unlock the warclaw body armor by purchasing it with WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets from the Warclaw Tender.
7 Warclaw Leg Armor Use Badges of Honor to purchase warclaw leg armor at the Warclaw Tender.
8 Warclaw Tail Armor Unlock the warclaw tail armor by looting it from guards.


  • You must enter or be in a WvW map to receive the Warclaw Emblem.
  • The Warclaw Body Armor can be unlocked by purchasing the Warclaw Armor Bolts.