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Disambig icon.png This article is about a siege weapon. For the animal, see Ram.

Flame Ram

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World versus World
Siege weapon

A flame ram is a siege weapon that is used to break down gates. The low monetary and supply costs and high damage to gates make them the obvious choice for attacking fortifications, but their close proximity to the gate makes them vulnerable to attacks from enemy players, and also from fortification defenses such as the gate's Burning Oil.

Rams only work on gates; they are ineffective on walls. They have a range of 360 units and an AoE target cap of 50.

The three second fear caused by Flame Blast also makes some defensive uses possible, for instance placing the ram at choke points to temporarily disable enemies that try to run through.


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Fire (Trebuchet).png
5 Ram target with a forceful attack. Does extra damage to gates, knocks back foes.
Redirect Arrow.png
Fire (Trebuchet).png
 Accelerated Ram
30.25¼ Ram target with a forceful attack. Does extra damage to gates, knocks back foes. (Replaces Ram for players with at least rank 3 in Flame Ram Mastery)
Ring of Fire.png
 Flame Blast
15 Vent fire all around the ram, burning foes.
Redirect Arrow.png
Ring of Fire.png
 Weakening Flame Blast
15 Vent fire all around the ram, burning foes applying Structural Vulnerability to gates. (Replaces Flame Blast for players with rank 2 in Flame Ram Mastery)
Redirect Arrow.png
Ring of Fire.png
 Intense Flame Blast
110.25¼ Vent fire all around the ram, burning foes applying Structural Vulnerability to gates. (Replaces Flame Blast for players with at least rank 3 in Flame Ram Mastery)
Impact Slam.png
 Impact Slam
20 Ram target with a forceful attack. Does extra damage to gates and launches foes on the other side of the gate. (Available to players with at least rank 4 in Flame Ram Mastery)
Iron Will.png
 Iron Will
60 Apply Iron Hide (50% damage reduction) to allies in an area. (Available to players with rank 5 in Flame Ram Mastery)

Related world abilities[edit]

Upgrade Rank Ability Cost
Flame Ram Mastery.png
Flame Ram Mastery
Total Cost: 60 World Ability Point

Improve flame ram skills
1 Gain Iron Hide while interacting with the flame ram World Ability Point
2 Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to gates World Ability Point
3 Reduce recharge of flame ram skills 10 World Ability Point
4 Skill: Slam Impact — Launch enemies on the other side of the door 15 World Ability Point
5 Skill: Iron Will — Support skill that applies Iron Hide to nearby allies 25 World Ability Point
  • Rank 1 gives the Flame Ram user Iron Hide which reduces the damage by 50%.
  • Rank 2 enhances the Flame Blast such that each of the 4 pulses applies Structural Vulnerability for 20 seconds to gates. Structural Vulnerability increases the damaged dealt to gates by 1% and stacks at a maximum of 10.
  • Rank 3 reduced the recharge of Flame Ram skills by 33%.
  • Rank 4 adds the skill: Impact Slam which applies damage to the gate and launches any enemy trying to repair the door.
  • Rank 5 adds the skill: Iron Will which applies Iron Hide up to 50 allies in a 360 radius.
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Flame Ram[edit]

Regular flame rams are built with Flame Ram Blueprints, which can be bought from a Siege Master for either 6 Silver coin or 6 Badges of Honor. Once deployed, they require 40 Supply.png to build.

Superior Flame Ram[edit]

Superior Flame Rams deal 50% more damage than regular flame rams and require an additional 10 Supply.png to build (50 total). They are built with Superior Flame Ram Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge or obtained from certain containers (e.g. Boxes of WvW Supplies).



  • The speed with which a flame ram destroys a target depends on the type of flame ram, use of the flame blast skill to apply Structural Vulnerability, the type of target and the proficiency of the operator.
  • Flame Ram damage is improved by siege might, but not character attributes (power, might, etc.)
  • Damage per hit increases by 1% for each stack of Structural Vulnerability (maximum 10) placed on the gate.
  • A normal gate has 410,000 health. An upgraded (reinforced) gate has 610,000 health and 59% resistance to flame ram attack, which lowers damage per hit.
  • Remember that whoever operates the ram is likely to be the target of all the defenders. It is suggested that a "tanky" character such as a warrior be the ram operator. Having passive health regeneration is also very helpful.
  • It is recommended for elementalists and similar professions to use AoE healing spells on the ram operators, to help prevent them from dying.

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