Shrine of Earth

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Shrine of Earth

Shrine of Earth.jpg

Desert Borderlands

+2 War Score on capture.

  • Grants a blessing on interact.
  • Grants a bonus to the nearest keep if controlled by the same team.
  • 1 Shrine: Activates earth lodestones.
  • 2 Shrines: Activates the sand storm.
  • 3 Shrines: Activates the Asura Launchpads.

— In-game description


  • The Blessing of Elements provides +40% move speed for 5 minutes.
  • Earth lodestones pulse 6s of Protection and Stability in an area every 8 seconds.
  • The sand storm makes players traversing within it harder to see, but it does not provide stealth.
  • The Asura Launchpads allow fast traversal between the shrines.

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