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Ravenous Discipline

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Ravenous Discipline.png

Ravenous Discipline

Path of Fire mastery point

Path of Fire
Raptor Mount

Before completion: Master the raptor mount and learn to share the bonus from Ravenous Strike to all mount engage skills. 

After completion: All mounts now receive the bonus from Ravenous Strike, increasing their engage skill damage.

— In-game description


  • This is a Raptor mastery.
  • Skills influenced by this mastery:
    • Cannonball (skill).png Cannonball — increases damage to 3,433.
    • Barrel Roll.png Barrel Roll — increases damage to 2,146.
    • Pounce (Jackal).png Pounce — increases damage to 3,065.
    • Swoop (griffon).png Swoop — increases minimum damage to 3,311.
    • Roll Out.png Roll Out — increases damage to 2,146.
    • Battle Maul.png Battle Maul — increases damage to 3,311 in PvE.
    • Blast.png Blast — increase damage to 5,280.
    • Fireball Skyscale.png Fireball – increases damage to 3,270.
    • Slam.png Slam — increase damage to 11,898.