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A blueprint is a consumable item that is used to build siege weapons in WvW.


Basic Blueprints[edit]

Basic Blueprint Coin Badges Laurels
Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints.png Alpha Siege Golem Gold coin 100 Badges of Honor -
Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Arrow Cart Silver coin 6 Badges of Honor 4 for 2 Laurel.png
Ballista Blueprints.png Ballista 10 Silver coin 10 Badges of Honor 3 for 2 Laurel.png
Catapult Blueprints.png Catapult 12 Silver coin 12 Badges of Honor 2 for 2 Laurel.png
Flame Ram Blueprints.png Flame Ram Silver coin 6 Badges of Honor 4 for 2 Laurel.png
Shield Generator Blueprint.png Shield Generator 12 Silver coin 12 Badges of Honor -
Trebuchet Blueprints.png Trebuchet 24 Silver coin 24 Badges of Honor 1 for 2 Laurel.png

Superior Blueprints[edit]

Superior versions of each siege weapon blueprint do more damage, and cost more supply to build.

Superior Blueprint Basic Blueprint Siege Masters Guide.png Siege Novice's Guide Mithril Ore.png Mithril Ore Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log
Omega Siege Golem Blueprints.png Omega Siege Golem 5  Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints.png Alpha Siege Golem 3 10 10
Superior Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Superior Arrow Cart 2  Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Arrow Cart 1 5 5
Superior Ballista Blueprints.png Superior Ballista 2  Ballista Blueprints.png Ballista 1 5 5
Superior Catapult Blueprints.png Superior Catapult 2  Catapult Blueprints.png Catapult 1 5 5
Superior Flame Ram Blueprints.png Superior Flame Ram 2  Flame Ram Blueprints.png Flame Ram 1 5 5
Superior Shield Generator Blueprint.png Superior Shield Generator 2  Shield Generator Blueprint.png Shield Generator Blueprint 1 5 5
Superior Trebuchet Blueprints.png Superior Trebuchet 2  Trebuchet Blueprints.png Trebuchet 1 10 10

Guild Blueprints[edit]

Guild versions of siege blueprints can be produced by a Guild via the Scribe crafting discipline. Guild siege weapons are functionally the same as superior siege but have the supply cost of regular siege and display your guild tag and emblem (except guild siege golems, which are the same as alpha siege golems but have half the supply cost).

Crafting guild siege blueprints first requires a Guild Hall and the related upgrades in the War Room. A scribe with the required level can then craft Schematics which are automatically placed into the Aetheric assembly device to be queued for assembly. Once assembly is completed the blueprint can be accessed from the guild inventory panel.

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Guild Catapult (schematic).png Guild Catapult Fine ScribeScribe tango icon 20px.png 300
Guild Siege Golem Blueprints (schematic).png Guild Siege Golem Blueprints Fine ScribeScribe tango icon 20px.png 400
Guild Trebuchet Blueprints (schematic).png Guild Trebuchet Blueprints Fine ScribeScribe tango icon 20px.png 400

In addition, guild blueprints of trebuchets, catapults, ballistas, and arrow carts can be purchased from the Guild commendation trader. The blueprints can be bought for 12 Silver coin and 3 Guild Commendations but the number of blueprints you gain varies.

Guild Blueprint Coin and Guild Commendations
Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints.png Guild Arrow Cart 4 for 12 Silver coin and 3 Guild Commendations
Guild Ballista Blueprints.png Guild Ballista 3 for 12 Silver coin and 3 Guild Commendations
Guild Catapult Blueprint.png Guild Catapult 2 for 12 Silver coin and 3 Guild Commendations
Guild Trebuchet Blueprints.png Guild Trebuchet 1 for 12 Silver coin and 3 Guild Commendations

Certain Guild Blueprints cannot be purchased from a vendor, but are available on the Trading Post:

United Legions Blueprints[edit]

This set of blueprints can be acquired and used only in Drizzlewood Coast.

United Legions Blueprint War Supplies
United Legions Flame Ram Blueprint.png United Legions Flame Ram 1 for 50 War Supplies.png
United Legions Arrow Cart Blueprint.png United Legions Arrow Cart 1 for 100 War Supplies.png
United Legions Ballista Blueprint.png United Legions Ballista 1 for 150 War Supplies.png
United Legions Catapult Blueprint.png United Legions Catapult 1 for 200 War Supplies.png


Any player can place a siege weapon by using a blueprint from their inventory, which replaces their weapon skills with:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Deploy Siege.png Deploy Siege 1 0 Deploy your siege weapon
2 Cancel Build.png Cancel Build Put your blueprint away

Using the deploy siege skill creates a build site at the target location. If the siege weapon cannot be placed at this location nothing will happen and the player will retain the blueprint bundle.

Allied players can then add supply by interacting with the build site. Once the build site is at full health it becomes an operational siege weapon. Enemy attacks can damage the build site before it is completed, increasing the supplies required.



  • Blueprints used to be Account Bound, but this was changed in the July 9, 2013 patch, retroactively altering all blueprints in existence prior to the patch.
  • Before the release of Heart of Thorns, Guild siege blueprints were purchased by guilds for Influence. Any blueprints owned by a guild prior to the update were transferred to the new guild inventory.
Stacks of blueprints that existed prior to the patch will still function as account bound until the stack is updated. Acquiring new blueprints will automatically update an existing stack. You can emulate this by using a blueprint in WvW and then canceling deployment. If you have at least 2 items in the stack, you can force an update by splitting the stack and adding the old stack onto the new stack.