Mercenary camp

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There are a number of potential allies in the Mists that we can rally to our cause. They'll need convincing to join us, but their assistance could bring us victory. Find them and learn how you can recruit them.

  • The local ogres are plagued by harpies. Help them out, and the ogres will bring their brute strength to our fight.
  • The hylek camp is constantly raided by krait. Aid them and the hylek will become our powerful allies.
  • The dredge are besieged by destroyers. Intervene and they'll add their sonic weaponry to our arsenal.


Three groups of NPC mercenaries are present in the Eternal Battlegrounds:

Helping out the mercenaries by completing a dynamic event to earn their loyalty will result in them joining your world's side. E.g. saving Orgath Uplands from hostile harpies will result in Ogres joining your cause; thus, attacking, capturing, and reinforcing nearby supply camps.