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Dustwhisper Well is controlled by Green, Osprey's Palace by Red, and several territories by Blue.

Territories are defined areas of land associated with World versus World objectives. The territories are outlined on the map with team-coloured overlay. Capturing an objective grants your team control over the territory and allows the team members with War Gliding Mastery to glide within the area, while for enemies it becomes a No-Fly Zone. The objective will also lend its Guild Objective Aura to the territory if there is an active Guild Claim on it.


  • The WvW score UI displays the objective of whatever territory you are in.
  • Graphics settings has an option to disable the WvW Territory overlay, which removes the team-coloured territory borders from the map.
  • Uncaptured Ruins of Power will use the territory of whichever team holds Borderlands Bloodlust on that map.

Version history[edit]

Patch Changes
August 08, 2017 Path of Fire pre-patch:
  • Each objective now has a territory associated with it that is outlined on the map.
  • An objective's territory will display the team color of the team that owns it.
  • The WvW score UI now displays the objective of whatever territory you are in.