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A kappa statue in the Cobble Ward of New Kaineng City.

Disambig icon.png This article is about the race. For the moa trainer, see Moa Trainer Kappa.

Kappa are a savage race of turtle-like creatures that inhabit areas near waterways, both petrified and not, and are allied with the naga. Jade Sea kappa were known to have served the kraken and sea spirit Zhu Hanuku.[1] They have a habit of eating the crops of farmers.[2] Certain types carry eggs within their shells.


Kappa grow stronger and more colorful shells as they age.[3] Archaic kappa shells are thought to be able to attune the wearer to the vibrations of the Jade Sea, allowing them to predict danger before it strikes.[1] Kappa are susceptible to the effects of the Affliction.[4]


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  • Kappa are based off kappa, a type of amphibious Yōkai demon from Japanese folklore.
  • Kappa are particularly fond of cucumbers.[5] This corresponds to kappa in Japanese folklore, as legends state that they can be placated with cucumbers.

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    <Character name>: You said that this was a corruption, but didn't we get rid of the plague?
    Oroku: Corruption exists in many forms; even if Shiro is gone there are still those that would try and revive his legacy. Ultimately, the real corruption comes from within, but that's where the Ministry of Purity comes in. Now, stand guard while I purify this area.
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