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The Hunger

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The Hunger is a Bjora Marches collection of food items given by Bright Shore in a Ruined Hut in the Aberrant Forest.

Bright Shore will ask for various food items one-by-one. The requested item needs to be delivered to him before the next request is made.

Once unlocked, any character on the account may collect and deliver the requested food item.


This achievement rewards items. The Hunger Whisper in the Dark Icebrood Saga mastery point 10Achievement points
Collect all the food Bright Shore desires.
Prerequisite: Just Resting
  • Tier
1: Eitrite Ingot.png Eitrite Ingot (5)
  • Tier
2: Berserker's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.png Berserker's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
  • Tier
3: Eitrite Ingot.png Eitrite Ingot (5)

Sated 3 of Bright Shore's Cravings 1Achievement points
Sated 6 of Bright Shore's Cravings 4Achievement points
Sated 12 of Bright Shore's Cravings 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


First approaching Bright Shore
Bright Shore: Finally... I'd lost hope anyone would find me. I've been here for so long...
Bright Shore: It tells me to stay... I'm so hungry... If I ate, I'd have the strength to leave. Bring me food? Fruit?
Giving the Imported Blood Orange
Talk give option tango.png Here. A blood orange...
Bright Shore: So sweet... So cold... if only the others could taste it...
Bright Shore: There were three of us. Envoys from Still Waters Speaking. Sent to ask the Vigil for aid.
Bright Shore: The hunger is still here. So weak... I need meat. Need strength. Catch a rabbit? Bring it to me?
Giving Rabbit Meat Chunk
Talk give option tango.png I found rabbit meat for you.
Bright Shore: It tastes...wild...afraid. Freshly hunted. One of my companions fell to hunters. She roams this place in death.
Bright Shore: Starving... Can't keep up with it. I need bigger game. A deer? Find one for me?
Giving Deer Meat Chunk
Talk give option tango.png Here's the deer meat you wanted.
Bright Shore: Lean... Agile... I feel its movement as it fled...
Bright Shore: My other companion... He fled into the forest...said he felt the call. He's different now.
Bright Shore: The ache... It's growing. I need something strong. Powerful. Hunt a bear for me? It hurts.
Giving Bear Flank
Talk give option tango.png Here. Should eating bear meat?
Bright Shore: Yes... I feel it. Raw power. It knew the same hunger I do. But I still crave...
Bright Shore: I ache for it. I need it. A warg, tainted, angry, cruel. Hunt one. Bring it to me. Please, I can't move...
Giving Aberrant Warg Meat Chunk
Talk give option tango.png you the aberrant warg meat. Are you...sure?
Bright Shore: good... The crunch of bones...makes it go away, only for a little while...
Bright Shore: But it's not enough. I've been denying myself for so long... I can't push it away. I need it.
Bright Shore: I crave it...the boneskinner. It hurts. Please. Give me what I need. Make it go away.
Giving Boneskinner Flank
Talk give option tango.png Here. Just take it.
Bright Shore: Yes... Yes... It's so sweet... Makes me whole... The ache is gone... It's finally gone.
Bright Shore: You've saved me. It's really gone... I can't hear it... Just need to rest for a little while... Thank you. Thank you.

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As long as the collection updated when you receive the item, it seems you can still deliver it to Bright Shore, even if you've accidentally lost, misplaced, or sold the items. Just to be safe, you may want to hang onto any such items you find later until you've completed the achievement.