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Daily Icebrood Saga

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Daily Icebrood Saga is a category of daily achievements for which the progress resets each day with the server reset.

Each day will offer daily achievements for one map from the season, cycling through each map in order of their release.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is required to access these achievements.

Daily Icebrood Saga (Daily)
Total achievements: 66 0Achievement points

Grothmar Valley[edit]

Bjora Marches[edit]

Drizzlewood Coast[edit]


Daily rotation[edit]

Living World Season 3
1 Daily Bloodstone Fen
2 Daily Ember Bay
3 Daily Bitterfrost Frontier
4 Daily Lake Doric
5 Daily Draconis Mons
6 Daily Siren's Landing
Living World Season 4
1 Daily Domain of Istan
2 Daily Sandswept Isles
3 Daily Domain of Kourna
4 Daily Jahai Bluffs
5 Daily Thunderhead Peaks
6 Daily Dragonfall
The Icebrood Saga
1 Daily Grothmar Valley
2 Daily Bjora Marches
3 Daily Drizzlewood Coast
4 Daily Champions

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  • Initially the dailies used to only award one chest instead of 3.[4] This inconsistency compared to the Season 3 & 4 dailies was corrected in the 28 June 2022 patch.


  1. ^ Daily Grothmar Valley Vista Viewer: The vista in Khan-Ur's Gauntlet does not count.
  2. ^ Daily Bjora Marches Eternal Ice Gatherer: The Eternal Ice Shard Home Instance Node also counts for this achievement.
  3. ^ Daily Drizzlewood Coast Dominion Hunter: Dominion Snipers and non-event-related Dominion assaulting the paths leading out of Umbral Grotto don't count for this.
  4. ^