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Koda Be Praised

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Koda Be Praised is an achievement for successfully completing trial primers for specific events around Bjora Marches.


Koda Be Praised Shadow in the Ice Icebrood Saga mastery point 1Achievement points
Complete each unique Trial of Koda challenge.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Destabilize the Champions
  • Plant Banners to Challenge the Svanir
  • Save the Kodan Scouts
  • Bait the Icy Waters
  • Close the Rifts
Complete 5 Trials of Koda Challenges 1Achievement points


Periodically, events in Bjora Marches will spawn with a special optional objective called a trial primer. Complete each unique trial primer to complete this achievement. The events that follow after completing the event with the trial primer objective do not award credit for Koda Be Praised, but will award credit for Trials of Koda Mastery.

Trial of Koda events are marked on the map with a Trial of Koda.png. This icon appears when the trial is active. It will stay even after the trial primer is completed, until the ensuing, accompanying main events are also completed. You do not need to finish the main events to complete this achievement. (However, note only one trial is active per map instance at a time. Thus it behooves players to complete the main events in order to allow the next trial to begin.)

Trial primers are communal goals. That means all players will participate to complete the same primer goal. It behooves players to get to the trial icon location as soon as it pops up on the map, in order to contribute to the primer before it ends. The event assistant (in the HUD) will state whether the trial primer is in progress, or has ended.

For this achievement, focus on completing the trial primer before the main events. Sometimes this can be tricky, as some primers require completing parts of the main event (such as the bait and plant banners primers).

Destabilize the Champions[edit]

  • Trial Primer: Use unstable essence to defeat the champion.
  • Appears sometimes during "Defeat the Champion x" type of events.
  • Requirements: Players have to kill unstable essences and use the object they drop by throwing it on the champion.
All eligible events

Plant Banners to Challenge the Svanir[edit]

  • Trial Primer: Finish defeated enemy patrols to release their Unstable Essence.
  • Appears sometimes during "Defeat the patrolling x" type of events.
  • Requirements: After defeating patrolling foes they can be interacted with in order to finish them, freeing their unstable essence and filling the trial primers objective bar. Once enough foes have been defeated for the normal bar to fill 30 seconds will remain to finish any remaining defeated foes in order to fill the trial primers objective bar, should it not already be full by then.
    • It is recommended to finish defeated foes soon after defeating them in order to fill the trial primers objective bar as the window can prove tight to finish them all after one another collectively if they have all been defeated collectively in order to fill the normal objective bar before.
All eligible events

Save the Kodan Scouts[edit]

  • Trial Primer: Free the frozen kodan: x/4
  • Appears sometimes during Event swords (tango icon).png Destroy the corrupted shard (80).
  • Requirements: Players have to free the kodan trapped in ice shards around the corrupted shard.
    • The four smaller ice shards have to be destroyed before the bigger corrupted shard for this trial to be successful.
The ice shards' hitbox seems to be bugged. Kodan ice shards only take damage from certain angles e.g. from above.

Bait the Icy Waters[edit]

  • Trial Primer: Fill the buckets with scraps of fish.
  • Appears sometimes during Event collect (tango icon).png Help the kodan gather fish for the village (80).
  • Requirements: Players have to bring fish to the table with the kodans and then bring the fish scraps that appear on it to the different buckets near the fishing holes.
    • Right after turning in the Arctic Tuna, immediately interact again to pick up the scraps, then toss the scraps into the bait bucket. Failing to do so can allow the main event objective bar to finish before the primer objective bar.

Close the Rifts[edit]

Map of all eligible events[edit]

The events "Defeat the patrolling Aberrant enemies / Fallen / Sons of Svanir", "Destroy the corrupted shard" and "Stop the Svanir ceremony" all share the Event swords (tango icon).png icon in-game. To make it easier to distiguish them, Event star (tango icon).png marks "Destroy the corrupted shard" and Event fist (tango icon).png marks "Stop the Svanir ceremony" on the map.


  • Whether or not an event has a trial is determined when it spawns.
    • Completing events without an active trial can help increase the frequency at which it might spawn with the trial active. [verification requested]