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Sanctum Arena

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Sanctum Arena

The Invitation loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

The Sanctum Arena is an instance in Bjora Marches that is accessed from near the Raven Pass point of interest. It is where the three weekly Strike Missions in Bjora Marches take place. During the story step The Invitation the Fraenir of Jormag must be fought within.

Getting there[edit]

The portal to enter the strike missions is indicated by the

Strike Mission (map icon).png

strike symbol on the map. South of Raven's Gate but north of Fallen Ruins is a path that leads to the cave with the entrance.




Weekly Strike Mission: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen
Weekly Strike Mission: Fraenir of Jormag
Weekly Strike Mission: Boneskinner


Mission Start
Voice and Claw of the Fallen Currently active
Fraenir of Jormag 30 March 2020
Boneskinner 6 April 2020
Voice and Claw of the Fallen 13 April 2020

The active strike mission changes every Monday 23:30 just before the daily reset.
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