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Hunting Champions

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Overview of champion locations

Hunting Champions is an achievement obtained within eastern Bjora Marches, awarded for slaying all eleven champion foes.


Hunting Champions Whisper in the Dark 6Achievement points
Defeat all the champion enemies in East Bjora Marches.
Defeated 1 Champion in Bjora Marches 1Achievement points
Defeated 5 Champions in Bjora Marches 2Achievement points
Defeated 11 Champions in Bjora Marches 3Achievement points


Map # Objective Event Area
1 Champion Icebrood Kodan Defeat the Champion Icebrood Kodan (meta) Asgeir's Legacy
2 Champion Icebrood Voice Defeat the Champion Icebrood Voice (meta) Asgeir's Legacy
3 Champion Icebrood Goliath Defeat the Champion Icebrood Goliath (meta) Asgeir's Legacy
4 Champion Icebrood Tyrant Defeat the Champion Svanir Tyrant (meta) Asgeir's Legacy
5 Champion Aberrant Skelk Defeat the Champion Aberrant Skelk Aberrant Forest
6 Champion Boneskinner Defeat the Boneskinner Aberrant Forest
7 Champion Aberrant Murellow Defeat the Champion Aberrant Murellow Ravenfrost Caverns
8 Champion Fallen Kodan Berserker Defeat the Champion Fallen Kodan Berserker Fallen Mountains
9 Champion Fallen Leopard Shaman Defeat the Champion Fallen Leopard Shaman Fallen Ruins
10 Champion Sons of Svanir Summoner Defeat the Champion Svanir Summoner Svanir Plateau
11 Champion Svanir Brute Defeat the Champion Svanir Brute Frozen Pass

Related achievements[edit]


  • It is possible to attack the Champion Aberrant Skelk from higher ground such as the raven statute or the nearby rock formations.
  • The Champion Sons of Svanir Summoner is relatively easy to solo as it often stays in place when kiting in circles.


  • Decreasing a champion's health to at least 50% before they disappear from time out contributes to the achievement.