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A Hunger for Knowledge

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A Hunger for Knowledge is an achievement from Chapter 2 of the Icebrood Saga, Shadow in the Ice, which involves collecting five books.

Note that none of the books have object nameplates, just an interaction option when you get close enough.


A Hunger for Knowledge Shadow in the Ice 5Achievement points
Discover 5 books around West Bjora Marches.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
Discovered 5 Books around West Bjora Marches 5Achievement points


Item Acquisition Screenshot Map
A History of Still Waters Speaking: Part One Head straight south from the Still Waters Speaking waypoint until you reach a cliff. Carefully drop straight down to the bottom of the cliff towards the Signal Brazier. The book is found lying near a rock pile on the eastern edge of Koda's Tears below the brazier next to a small grouping of rocks. A History of Still Waters Speaking- Part One location.jpg A History of Still Waters Speaking- Part One map.jpg
A History of Still Waters Speaking: Part Two Start from the opening of the underground path near the words Fractured Lake on the map. Follow the path through the cave in the direction of the Sifhalla Ruins point of interest, but before reaching it, head to the left towards the Shrine of Wolf. To the right of the shrine is a fallen pillar, where the book can be found. A History of Still Waters Speaking- Part Two location.jpg A History of Still Waters Speaking- Part Two map.jpg
Koda's Promise, Koda's Gift Climb up to the ledge above the Raven Lock, and then move to the icy shelf just to the west of it. The corner of the book is sticking out of the snow. Koda's Promise, Koda's Gift location.jpg Koda's Promise, Koda's Gift map.jpg
Quiet Located within Mystery of Drakkar's Lair. Use the Raven Gate that's west of Cavern of Lost Sons. The gate is in the wall; this Raven Gate cannot be accessed if the Meta for Drakkar is running. You do not need to do the puzzle to reach the book, next to a dead body. Quiet location.jpg Quiet map.jpg
OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE RE: LARANTHIR From the waypoint, if you are not already, turn to face Anette Eymundrdottir. Walk towards her, then slightly past her. To your right will be a variety of barrels and crates, turn your character so that you are facing the wall of the building these crates are next to. The book is atop of the crate that is under the of windows of the building. OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE RE- LARANTHIR location.jpg OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE RE- LARANTHIR Map.jpg