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Fractured Lake

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Fractured Lake

Fractured Lake map.jpg
Map of Fractured Lake

Fractured Lake locator.svg
Location within Bjora Marches

Fractured Lake.jpg
Fractured Lake

Fractured Lake is an area in Bjora Marches.

Locations and objectives[edit]






Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

A trio of patrolling Vigil members running around western bjora passing through the lake
Vigil Marksman: These whispers are driving me crazy.
Vigil Crusader: Actually, as I understand it, the whispers are a kind of siege mechanism.
Vigil Tactician: I have many issues with that analogy.
Vigil Crusader: Well, think about it: Jormag whispers to everyone, break them down over time. And you can't escape them.
Vigil Tactician: We absolutely could escape them. We would just need to go very, very far away.
Vigil Marksman: Which we will not do, because that would be fleeing. And fleeing is cowardly.
Vigil Marksman: I would rather listen to a dragon whisper in my ear than be labeled as a coward.
Vigil Crusader: It is nice to have priorities.
Vigil Marksman: You think Drakkar would come out there?
Vigil Crusader: Unlikely. The last report I heard, it was keeping beneath the ice.
Vigil Tactician: It's not just beneath the ice. It's in the ice.
Vigil Marksman: In the Ice? You mean frozen? Like it was in Svanir's time? If it's defenseless, we should strike now.
Vigil Tactician: No, see, Drakkar can swim through solid ice like it's water.
Vigil Crusader: Ice is water.
Vigil Tactician: Solid water. Which one does not normally swim through. Don't talk to me about states of matter.
Vigil Marksman: She made a good point. Ice is water. There's no need to get angry about it.
Vigil Tactician: Okay, we're done talking. Talking time is over


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes