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Forest of a Thousand Voices

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Forest of a Thousand Voices

Forest of a Thousand Voices map.jpg
Map of Forest of a Thousand Voices

Forest of a Thousand Voices locator.svg
Location within Bjora Marches

Forest of a Thousand Voices is an area in Bjora Marches.

Locations and objectives[edit]




Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

A trio of patrolling Vigil members headed to Spirit's Refuge
Vigil Crusader: You ever think we'll make it back up here?
Vigil Recruit: Once Jormag is gone, maybe.
Vigil Crusader: I'd like to think that. Our ancestors hunted in these mountains. Became the norn we know.
Vigil Marksman: Can't go back.
Vigil Crusader: What?
Vigil Marksman: Think about it: Jormag woke up, and the entire geography of the Shiverpeaks changed overnight.
Vigil Crusader: Right. We kill Jormag, who knows what happens to the Shiverpeaks.
Vigil Marksman: For all we know, we kill Jormag and all the snow melts. Maybe the ground opens up and Hoelbrak gets swallowed.
Vigil Crusader: Or nothing. Maybe Jormag dies and everything stays exactly the same.
Vigil Recruit: I want Jormag gone just as much as the next norn. But even I'm not foolish enough to believe that.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes