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Bjora Marches Historian

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Bjora Marches Historian is an achievement from Chapter 1 of the Icebrood Saga, Whisper in the Dark, which involves collecting three lore books.


Bjora Marches Historian Whisper in the Dark 5Achievement points
Find and collect all the lore books in East Bjora Marches.
Prerequisite: Raven Lens Scholar

Collected 3 Lore Books in Bjora Marches 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition Screenshot Map
A Burden Within Asgeir's Legacy, only accessible after completing the Storms of Winter meta event. A Burden cover.jpg A Burden map.jpg
Research Notes: Ancient Raven Lens On a shelf in the library of Raven Sanctum.
(Found in the open-world version, not the story instance.)
Research Notes- Ancient Raven Lens.jpg Research Notes- Ancient Raven Lens map.jpg
What's Happening? Dropped by the Boneskinner in Aberrant Forest during the final step of The Hunger. N/A Champion Boneskinner map.jpg

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