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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Bjora Marches achievement. For the sylvari leadership role, see Firstborn.

Luminary is the meta-achievement for completing four light puzzles within eastern Bjora Marches. For the meta-achievement for completing all the light puzzles of Bjora Marches, see Luminiferous.


This achievement rewards a title. Luminary Whisper in the Dark 5Achievement points
Complete all the light puzzles in East Bjora Marches.
Title: Luminary

Objectives: 4 objectives in total
Completed the 4 Light Puzzles in Bjora Marches 5Achievement points


There are four puzzles throughout the eastern side of Bjora Marches. Completing each puzzle for the first time awards individual achievements in addition to progressing this one.

Interact with a Raven Light Shrine to start the light puzzle. This will start a stream of pulsing raven lights which emanate from the statue in a set direction. Interact with the mirror to rotate them to direct the light beams. Clear debris from mirrors and knock down walls by interacting as necessary. Successfully directing the light beam to the end of the puzzle, with the larger raven shrines, awards a once-a-day chest. Mirrors may be turned without the Raven Light being active, and may be moved out of order or before the Light reaches them.

The Asgeir's Legacy puzzle is located in the caves below, directly west of the Gates of Svanir point of interest. It is not affected by Fraenir's Ice Storm, and is not contingent upon the meta being completed.


Upon interacting at a start point, after completing the puzzle today already
You've completed this light puzzle already today. You can do it again, but there will be no additional rewards for it. Do you want to continue?
Talk more option tango.png Yes, I want to participate again even without additional rewards.
Talk end option tango.png No, on second thought, I'll just come back tomorrow.

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