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{{Achievement category infobox
| name = 
| icon = 
| description = 
| group = 
| subgroup = 
| order = 
| mastery = 
| annual = 
| id = 


Optional. Achievement category name. Defaults to Achievement category infobox without the suffix "(achievements)".
Optional. Icon filename. Defaults to File:<page name>.png.
Required. Achievement group.
Optional. Achievement subgroup.
Required. Numberical value used to sort the categories within one achievement group.
Optional. Number of achievements, on default (excluded on historical pages using categorize = n) the total amount is calculated automatically.
Optional. Number of achievement points granted, on default (excluded on historical pages using categorize = n) the quantity is calculated automatically.
ap text
Optional. Number of achievement points granted, stored as text.
Central Tyria if this achievement category grants a Central Tyria mastery point.
Heart of Thorns if this achievement category grants a Heart of Thorns mastery point.
Path of Fire if this achievement category grants a Path of Fire mastery point.
Icebrood Saga if this achievement category grants a Icebrood Saga mastery point.
End of Dragons if this achievement category grants a End of Dragons mastery point.
mastery qty
Optional. Number of mastery points granted, on default (excluded on historical pages using categorize = n) the quantity is calculated automatically.
Optional. Can be set to "y" for annually returning achievements, defaults to "n".
Optional. Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default).
status notes
Optional. Allows provision of additional reason for the given status.
status date
Optional. Sets the date of the update that marked this achievement category as historical (in YYYY-MM-DD format).
Optional. The expansion or living world season required to access the content. Displays a notice of the release. See {{infobox requires}} for options.
Optional. The achievement category ID.


Sorted ascendingly by:
  1. Group sort order: based on the parameter group, specified in the infobox template
  2. Category sort order: set via the parameter order
CategoryGroupSubgroupGroup sort orderCategory sort order
Daily (achievements)DailyPermanent11
Daily Strike MissionDailyPermanent12
Daily FractalsDailyPermanent13
Daily End of DragonsDailyPermanent14
Daily Icebrood SagaDailyPermanent15
Daily Living World Season 4DailyPermanent120
Daily Living World Season 3DailyPermanent121
Daily Sunken Treasure HunterDailyPermanent122
Daily Lunar New YearDailyTemporary131
Daily Super Adventure FestivalDailyTemporary132
Daily Dragon BashDailyTemporary133
Daily Festival of the Four WindsDailyTemporary134
Halloween DailyDailyTemporary135
Wintersday DailyDailyTemporary136
Adventure Guide: Volume OneCharacter Adventure Guide21
Adventure Guide: Volume TwoCharacter Adventure Guide22
Adventure Guide: Volume ThreeCharacter Adventure Guide23
Adventure Guide: Volume FourCharacter Adventure Guide24
Adventure Guide: Volume FiveCharacter Adventure Guide25
Boss RushBonus Events311
Champion Rush (achievements)Bonus Events312
Fractal Rush (achievements)Bonus Events313
Meta-Event Rush (achievements)Bonus Events314
Extra Life Donation DriveBonus Events315
Lunar New Year (achievements)FestivalsLunar New Year411
New Year's CustomsFestivalsLunar New Year412
Dragon Ball (achievements)FestivalsLunar New Year413
Choya Wars 2FestivalsApril Fools' Day420.01
Dog DaysFestivalsApril Fools' Day420.02
Super Adventure Box: World 1FestivalsSuper Adventure Box421
Super Adventure Box: World 2FestivalsSuper Adventure Box422
Super Adventure Box: Tribulation ModeFestivalsSuper Adventure Box423
Super Adventure Box: NostalgiaFestivalsSuper Adventure Box424
Dragon Bash (achievements)FestivalsDragon Bash431
Dragon Bash FeatsFestivalsDragon Bash432
Festival of the Four Winds (achievements)FestivalsFestival of the Four Winds441
Crown Pavilion (achievements)FestivalsFestival of the Four Winds442
Queen's Gauntlet (achievements)FestivalsFestival of the Four Winds443
Four Winds CustomsFestivalsFestival of the Four Winds444
Halloween RitualsFestivalsHalloween451
Shadow of the Mad King (achievements)FestivalsHalloween452
Lunatic WardrobeFestivalsHalloween453
Wintersday TraditionsFestivalsWintersday461
The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker TixxFestivalsWintersday462
Winter's Presence (achievements)FestivalsWintersday463
End of Dragons: Act IStory JournalEnd of Dragons5-805
End of Dragons: Act IIStory JournalEnd of Dragons5-804
End of Dragons: Act IIIStory JournalEnd of Dragons5-803
End of Dragons: Act IVStory JournalEnd of Dragons5-802
End of Dragons: Act VStory JournalEnd of Dragons5-801
Champions (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-707
Jormag Rising (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-706
No Quarter (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-705
Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-704
Shadow in the Ice (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-703
Whisper in the Dark (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-702
Prologue: Bound by Blood (achievements)Story JournalThe Icebrood Saga5-701
War Eternal (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-606
All or Nothing (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-605
A Star to Guide Us (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-604
Long Live the Lich (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-603
A Bug in the System (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-602
Daybreak (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 45-601
Path of Fire: Act 1Story JournalPath of Fire5-503
Path of Fire: Act 2Story JournalPath of Fire5-502
Path of Fire: Act 3Story JournalPath of Fire5-501
One Path Ends (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-406
Flashpoint (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-405
The Head of the Snake (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-404
A Crack in the Ice (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-403
Rising Flames (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-402
Out of the Shadows (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 35-401
Heart of Thorns: Act 1Story JournalHeart of Thorns5-304
Heart of Thorns: Act 2Story JournalHeart of Thorns5-303
Heart of Thorns: Act 3Story JournalHeart of Thorns5-302
Heart of Thorns: Act 4Story JournalHeart of Thorns5-301
Point of No Return (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-208
Seeds of Truth (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-207
Tangled Paths (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-206
Echoes of the Past (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-205
The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-204
The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-203
Entanglement (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-202
Gates of Maguuma (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 25-201
The Battle for Lion's Arch (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-109
Escape from Lion's Arch (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-108
The Nightmare Is OverStory JournalLiving World Season 15-107
The Nightmares Within (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-106
Tower of Nightmares (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-105
Emissary Vorpp's Field AssistantStory JournalLiving World Season 15-104
Clockwork Chaos (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-103
Sky Pirates (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-102
Flame and Frost (achievements)Story JournalLiving World Season 15-101
Dungeons (achievements)General61
Twilight Arbor AetherpathGeneral62
The Silverwastes (achievements)General63
Dry Top (achievements)General64
Hero (achievements)General66
Weapon MasterGeneral610
Hall of Monuments (achievements)General612
Jumping PuzzlesGeneral613
Mastery Insights (Central Tyria)General614
Dragonstorm (achievements)General615
Drakkar (achievements)General616
The Shatterer (achievements)General617
Triple Trouble (achievements)General618
Sunken Treasure HunterGeneral621
Cantha (achievements)End of Dragons71
Seitung Province (achievements)End of Dragons72
New Kaineng City (achievements)End of Dragons73
The Echovald Wilds (achievements)End of Dragons74
Dragon's End (achievements)End of Dragons75
Arborstone (achievements)End of Dragons76
Fishing (achievements)End of Dragons77
Mastery Insights (End of Dragons)End of Dragons78
Specializations (End of Dragons achievements)End of Dragons79
The Legendary Facets of AureneEnd of Dragons710
Crystal Oasis (achievements)Path of Fire81
Desert Highlands (achievements)Path of Fire82
Elon Riverlands (achievements)Path of Fire83
The Desolation (achievements)Path of Fire84
Domain of Vabbi (achievements)Path of Fire85
Crystal Desert (achievements)Path of Fire86
Mastery Insights (Path of Fire)Path of Fire87
Specializations (Path of Fire achievements)Path of Fire88
Verdant Brink (achievements)Heart of Thorns91
Auric Basin (achievements)Heart of Thorns92
Tangled Depths (achievements)Heart of Thorns93
Dragon's Stand (achievements)Heart of Thorns94
Mastery Insights (Heart of Thorns)Heart of Thorns95
Specializations (Heart of Thorns achievements)Heart of Thorns96
Decade of the DragonsSide Stories101
Current EventsSide Stories102
Conservation of MagicSide Stories103
Justice of the BladeSide Stories104
Anomalous OccurrencesSide Stories105
Transfer Chaser (achievements)Side Stories106
Knight of the ThornSide Stories107
Portal PanicSide Stories108
Roller Beetle RacingSide Stories109
Return to Gates of Maguuma and EntanglementSide StoriesLiving World Return10101
Return to The Dragon's ReachSide StoriesLiving World Return10102
Return to Echoes of the Past and Tangled PathsSide StoriesLiving World Return10103
Return to Seeds of Truth and Point of No ReturnSide StoriesLiving World Return10104
Return to Out of the ShadowsSide StoriesLiving World Return10105
Return to Rising FlamesSide StoriesLiving World Return10106
Return to A Crack in the IceSide StoriesLiving World Return10107
Return to The Head of the SnakeSide StoriesLiving World Return10108
Return to FlashpointSide StoriesLiving World Return10109
Return to One Path EndsSide StoriesLiving World Return10110
Return to DaybreakSide StoriesLiving World Return10111
Return to A Bug in the SystemSide StoriesLiving World Return10112
Return to Long Live the LichSide StoriesLiving World Return10113
Return to A Star to Guide UsSide StoriesLiving World Return10114
Return to All or NothingSide StoriesLiving World Return10115
Return to War EternalSide StoriesLiving World Return10116
Return to Bound by BloodSide StoriesLiving World Return10117
Return to Whisper in the DarkSide StoriesLiving World Return10118
Return to Shadow in the IceSide StoriesLiving World Return10119
Return to Steel and FireSide StoriesLiving World Return10120
Return to No QuarterSide StoriesLiving World Return10121
Return to Jormag RisingSide StoriesLiving World Return10122
Return to ChampionsSide StoriesLiving World Return10123
The Origins of Madness (achievements)Side StoriesWrath of the Twisted Marionette10201
Revenge of the MarionetteSide StoriesWrath of the Twisted Marionette10202
Weekly World vs. WorldWorld vs. WorldWvW110
World vs World (achievements)World vs. WorldWvW111
Edge of the Mists (achievements)World vs. WorldWvW112
World vs World WarclawWorld vs. WorldWvW113
Eternal Coliseum (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps121
Forest of Niflhel (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps122
Legacy of the Foefire (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps123
Revenge of the Capricorn (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps124
Battle of Kyhlo (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps125
Temple of the Silent Storm (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps126
Battle of Champion's Dusk (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps127
Spirit Watch (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps128
Skyhammer (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps129
Djinn's Dominion (achievements)Player vs. PlayerPvP Maps1210
Year of the Ascension Part IPlayer vs. PlayerThe Ascension1250
Year of the Ascension Part IIPlayer vs. PlayerThe Ascension1251
Year of the Ascension Part IIIPlayer vs. PlayerThe Ascension1252
Year of the Ascension Part IVPlayer vs. PlayerThe Ascension1253
PvP ConquerorPlayer vs. PlayerPvP1260
PvP SeasonsPlayer vs. PlayerPvP1261
Sanctum Sprint (achievements)Player vs. PlayerActivity12200
Crab Toss (achievements)Player vs. PlayerActivity12201
Keg Brawl (achievements)Player vs. PlayerActivity12202
Southsun Survival (achievements)Player vs. PlayerActivity12203
Belcher's Bluff (achievements)Player vs. PlayerActivity12204
The Key of Ahdashim (achievements)Raids13-7
Mythwright Gambit (achievements)Raids13-6
Hall of Chains (achievements)Raids13-5
Bastion of the Penitent (achievements)Raids13-4
Stronghold of the Faithful (achievements)Raids13-3
Salvation Pass (achievements)Raids13-2
Spirit Vale (achievements)Raids13-1
Weekly FractalsFractals of the Mists140
Fractals of the Mists (achievements)Fractals of the Mists141
Nightmare Fractal (achievements)Fractals of the Mists142
Shattered Observatory Fractal (achievements)Fractals of the Mists143
Sunqua Peak Fractal (achievements)Fractals of the Mists144
Basic CollectionsCollections151
Rare CollectionsCollections152
Specialization CollectionsCollections153
Legendary Weapons (achievements)Collections154
Legendary BackpacksCollections155
Legendary Armor (achievements)Collections156
Legendary TrinketsCollections157
Festival CollectionsCollections159
Black Lion CollectionsCollections1599
End of Dragons (achievements)Strike Missions161
Seasonal ActivitiesHistoricalFestivals17111
Lunar New Year (2016 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17112
Lunar New Year (2017 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17113
Dragon Bash (2013 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17131
Festival of the Four Winds (2014 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17141
The Queen's GauntletHistoricalFestivals17142
Shadow of the Mad King (2012 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17151
Blood and Madness (2013 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17152
Blood and Madness (2014 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17153
Shadow of the Mad King (2015 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17154
Shadow of the Mad King (2016 achievements)HistoricalFestivals17155
A Very Merry Wintersday '12HistoricalFestivals17161
A Very Merry Wintersday '13HistoricalFestivals17162
A Very Merry Wintersday '14HistoricalFestivals17163
A Very Merry Wintersday '15HistoricalFestivals17164
Secret of SouthsunHistoricalLiving World Season 117202
Bazaar of the Four Winds (achievements)HistoricalLiving World Season 117204
Support Ellen KielHistoricalLiving World Season 117205
Support Evon GnashbladeHistoricalLiving World Season 117206
Queen Jennah's JubileeHistoricalLiving World Season 117207
Boss WeekHistoricalLiving World Season 117211
Twilight Assault (achievements)HistoricalLiving World Season 117212
Fractured!HistoricalLiving World Season 117216
World vs. World Season 1 (achievements)HistoricalWvW17301
WvW Spring Tournament 2014 (achievements)HistoricalWvW17302
WvW Fall Tournament 2014 (achievements)HistoricalWvW17303
Retired AchievementsHistoricalRetired17401
Historical PvP AchievementsHistoricalRetired17402
Fractals of the Mists (historical achievements)HistoricalRetired17403
Weekly RaidsHistoricalRetired17404
Daily (historical achievements)HistoricalUnlisted17501
Daily PvPHistoricalUnlisted17502
Monthly PvPHistoricalUnlisted17504
Beta Weekend (achievements)HistoricalUnlisted17505
Daily Roller Beetle RacingHistoricalUnlisted17506
Edge of the Mists (achievements)/CBTHistoricalUnlisted17507
Lunar New Year DailiesHistoricalUnlisted17511
Queen's Jubilee/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17512
Blood and Madness 2013/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17513
Wintersday 2013/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17514
Clockwork Chaos/archive/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17551
Tequatl Rising/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17552
Twilight Assault/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17553
Tower of Nightmares (achievements)/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17554
The Nightmares Within/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17555
The Nightmare Is Over/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17556
The Origins of Madness/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17557
Escape from Lion's Arch/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17558
Battle for Lion's Arch/Daily achievementsHistoricalUnlisted17559
Wrath of the Twisted MarionetteHistoricalUnlisted17570
Bonus Events (achievements)HistoricalReplaced17600
Daily ChampionsHistoricalReplaced17630
Daily Drizzlewood CoastHistoricalReplaced17631
Daily Bjora MarchesHistoricalReplaced17632
Daily Grothmar ValleyHistoricalReplaced17633
Daily DragonfallHistoricalReplaced17640
Daily Thunderhead PeaksHistoricalReplaced17641
Daily Jahai BluffsHistoricalReplaced17642
Daily Domain of KournaHistoricalReplaced17643
Daily Sandswept IslesHistoricalReplaced17644
Daily Domain of IstanHistoricalReplaced17645
Daily Siren's LandingHistoricalReplaced17650
Daily Draconis MonsHistoricalReplaced17651
Daily Lake DoricHistoricalReplaced17652
Daily Bitterfrost FrontierHistoricalReplaced17653
Daily Ember BayHistoricalReplaced17654
Daily Bloodstone FenHistoricalReplaced17655
Marshaling the Crystal BloomHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17701
Marshaling the Ebon VanguardHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17702
Marshaling the Deldrimor DwarvesHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17703
Marshaling the ExaltedHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17704
Marshaling the TenguHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17705
Marshaling the OlmakhanHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17706
Marshaling the SkrittHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17707
Marshaling the KodanHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17708
Mobilization Global RewardsHistoricalThe Icebrood Saga17709