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Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant

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Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant is an achievement category that guides players through creating a portal device to access the Scarlet's Playhouse dungeon during the Clockwork Chaos release.

Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant.png
Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant (Historical)
Total achievements: 6 10Achievement points
Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant 5Achievement points
Complete all of the achievements necessary to recreate one of Scarlet's portals. 5 Portal Investigation Steps Completed 5Achievement points
First Portal Invasion Responder 1Achievement points
Find the site of the first portal invasion in Gendarran Fields. 1 First Invasion Site Visited 1Achievement points
Invasion Witness Interviewer 1Achievement points
Find the witness to the first invasion in Ascalon Settlement 1 Invasion Witness Interviewed 1Achievement points
Portal Component Procurer 1Achievement points
Retrieve the three components Emissary Vorpp needs to construct a portal from Scarlet's downed champions. 3 Portal Components Retrieved 1Achievement points
Portal Invasion Closer 1Achievement points
Respond to five of Scarlet's portal invasion and be there when each one ends. 5 Invasions Ended 1Achievement points
Teleportation Facilitator 1Achievement points
Help Emissary Vorpp build his portal device. 1 Portal Devices Constructed 1Achievement points


Emissary Vorpp near the portal at Crown Pavilion, Divinity's Reach.

You can communicate with Emissary Vorpp using a Holographic Communicator given at the end of the Closing Ceremony.

Travel to Quaggankeep Channel in Broadhollow Bluffs in Gendarran Fields. Head to the top of the hill indicated by the Special event (map icon).png icon.

Then head to the next icon in Ascalon Settlement and talk to the witness. After that, you need to complete 5 invasions, each in a different zone (completing subsequent invasions in the same zone will not contribute to the number completed).

After 5 invasions you will have to defeat three types of Champions during the invasions to obtain three ingredients needed to create a portal. They look like violet crystals (trophy, Soulbound).

  1. Focusing Crystal can be obtained by killing Aetherblade Pirate Captain.
  2. Oscillating Diaphragm can be obtained by killing Elite Twisted Nightmare.
  3. Translocator Beacon can be obtained by killing any Champion that spawn from portals.

Return to meet Emissary Vorpp at the Crown Pavilion, he then gives you Positional Relay Beacon and you are able to access the portal to Scarlet's Playhouse dungeon.


  • You don't need to keep any of the three ingredients, if you destroy them you can still talk to Emissary Vorpp and complete the achievements.