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Fashion is a category of achievements earned by unlocking skins, particularly the cultural armor sets for each of the five playable races.

Fashion (General)
Total achievements: 8 Central Tyria mastery point 147Achievement points


  • The cultural armor achievements require purchasing one piece of each armor type (headgear, shoulders, chest, gloves, leggings, boots) at each of the three tiers. This costs 128 Gold coin 98 Silver coin for a single race and 644 Gold coin 90 Silver coin for all five races.
  • In World versus World a Skritt Trader sells the armor for 64 Gold coin 49 Silver coin and 3224Badges of Honor for a single race and 322 Gold coin 45 Silver coin and 16120Badges of Honor for all five races.
  • Cultural armor skins unlocked through the personal story, the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, the Guaranteed Armor Unlock, or the removed PvP reward system do not progress the achievements.
The descriptions for the tiers in The Emperor's New Wardrobe achievements have a dot at the end and do not tell you how many pieces of each tier you have collected.