Clockwork Chaos (achievements)

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Clockwork Chaos is an achievement category that tracks most achievements for the Clockwork Chaos release.
Clockwork Chaos (achievements).png
Clockwork Chaos (Historical)
Total achievements: 16 195Achievement points
This is the meta achievement for this category.This achievement rewards an item. Clockwork Chaos Completionist 50Achievement points
Complete achievements from either this category or Clockwork Chaos dailies.
Reward:Infinite Watchknight Tonic.png Infinite Watchknight Tonic
17 Achievements Completed 50Achievement points
Bane of Invading Captains 5Achievement points
Defeat a Champion Aetherblade Captain during a portal invasion. 1 Invading Champion Aetherblade Captains Defeated 5Achievement points
Closing Ceremony Attendee 5Achievement points
Attend the Closing Ceremony at the Crown Pavilion. 1 Closing Ceremony Attended 5Achievement points
Defender of the Crown 10Achievement points
Confront and defeat Scarlet in Scarlet's Playhouse. 1 Scarlet's Playhouse Defeated 10Achievement points
Friend of Fire and Frost 10Achievement points
Stop a portal invasion in Frostgorge Sound and Fireheart Rise. 2 Fireheart and Frostgorge Invasions Stopped 10Achievement points
Indiscriminate Adversary 10Achievement points
Defeat a boss from each of Scarlet's armies during her portal invasions. 3 Types of Invading Bosses Defeated 10Achievement points
Invasion Canceler 25Achievement points
Stop Scarlet's portal invasions on 13 different maps. 13 Portal Invasions Stopped 25Achievement points
Molten Invader Menace 5Achievement points
Defeat a Molten Alliance champion during a portal invasion. 1 Invading Molten Alliance Champions Defeated 5Achievement points
Playhouse Perfectionist 15Achievement points
Finish Scarlet's Playhouse without dying. 1 Scarlet's Playhouse Escaped Alive 15Achievement points
Portal Closer 10Achievement points
Stop 5 of Scarlet's portal invasions. 5 Portal Invasions Stopped 10Achievement points
Raced to the Rescue 10Achievement points
Save Lord Faren within first 3 minutes of Scarlet's Playhouse. 1 Lord Faren Saved Early 10Achievement points
Scarlet Scrambler 5Achievement points
Defeat Scarlet during a portal invasion. 1 Scarlet Invasion Defeats 5Achievement points
Soft Lander 5Achievement points
Survive jumping from the upper arena ring into a hay pile. 1 Haypile High Jumps 5Achievement points
Swift Closer 10Achievement points
5 of Scarlet's portals closed within 15 minutes. 1 Portals Closed Early 10Achievement points
Watchwork Nightmare Wrecker 5Achievement points
Defeat a Champion Twisted Nightmare during a portal invasion. 1 Invading Champion Twisted Nightmare Defeated 5Achievement points
Worldwide Invasion Responder 15Achievement points
Stop Scarlet's portal invasions in 7 different maps. 7 Portal Invasions Stopped 15Achievement points


Stopping invasions on different maps does not always progress the achievements related to stopping invasions. There are a few things that MIGHT affect your ability to complete these achievements:
  • Killing Molten Alliance or pirates does not count towards event credit.
  • Killing spawns from the Clockwork part piles does not count towards event credit.

The best bet for getting event completion is going to be taking down the Clockwork champions. They are directly tied to event completion.