Sanctum Sprint (achievements)

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Sanctum Sprint is an achievement category for achievements earned by completing Sanctum Sprint's challenges. A total of 4 Sanctum Sprint achievements can be earned.

Sanctum Sprint.png
Achievement (Competitive)
Total achievements: 4 150 AP.png
Crystal Obsessed 40 AP.png
Collect 5,000 crystals.In Sanctum Sprint, collect as many crystals, as possible. Collected 3 Crystals AP.png
Collected 10 Crystals AP.png
Collected 25 Crystals AP.png
Collected 50 Crystals AP.png
This achievement does not count towards the category's meta achievementThis achievement rewards an itemThis achievement is repeatable. Frequent Sprinter 50 AP.png
Run 15 races of Sanctum Sprint.Just one more lap...This achievement is capped at 50 AP.png.
Reward:Loot Sack.png Loot Bag
15 Races Run AP.png
Skilled Sprinter 34 AP.png
Use 2,000 pickup skills.Use pickup skills on fellow racers in the Sanctum Sprint. Used 3 Pickup Skills AP.png
Used 10 Pickup Skills AP.png
Used 25 Pickup Skills AP.png
Used 50 Pickup Skills AP.png
Speedy Sprinter 26 AP.png
Place in top three 250 times.Place among top three racers in Sanctum Sprint. 1 Top Three Finishes AP.png
10 Top Three Finishes AP.png
25 Top Three Finishes AP.png
50 Top Three Finishes AP.png
100 Top Three Finishes AP.png
250 Top Three Finishes AP.png


Speedy Sprinter
  • First place = 3 points
  • Second place = 2 points
  • Third place = 1 point
Crystal Obsessed
  • Orange Crystal = 3 points
  • Blue Crystal = 1 point
Skilled Sprinter
  • Attack powerup skill only count if they hit a target.
  • Defensive powerup skills always count.