Southsun Survival (achievements)

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Southsun Survival is an achievement category for achievements earned by completing Southsun Survival's challenges. A total of 5 Southsun Survival achievements can be earned for a total of 175 AP.png, including the repeatable Southsun Survivor Regular achievement.

Southsun Survival.png
Achievement (Competitive)
Total achievements: 5 175 AP.png
Resourceful Survivor 34 AP.png
Scavenge for supplies 2,000 times.Scavenge for resources. 3 Items Salvaged AP.png
10 Items Salvaged AP.png
25 Items Salvaged AP.png
50 Items Salvaged AP.png
Ruthless Survivor 32 AP.png
Eliminate 1,000 other survivors.Eliminate other competitors. 3 Survivors Eliminated AP.png
10 Survivors Eliminated AP.png
25 Survivors Eliminated AP.png
50 Survivors Eliminated AP.png
This achievement does not count towards the category's meta achievementThis achievement rewards an itemThis achievement is repeatable. Southsun Survivor Regular 50 AP.png
Participate in 6 rounds.Only the strong survive.This achievement is capped at 50 AP.png.
Reward:Loot Sack.png Loot Bag
6 Games Played AP.png
Southsun Trapper 32 AP.png
Use traps on other competitors.Use traps on other competitors. 3 Survivors Trapped AP.png
10 Survivors Trapped AP.png
25 Survivors Trapped AP.png
50 Survivors Trapped AP.png
Survival Survivor 27 AP.png
Complete 500 games of Southsun Survival.You made it out alive. 1 Games Played AP.png
10 Games Played AP.png
25 Games Played AP.png
50 Games Played AP.png