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Support Evon Gnashblade is an achievement category for achievements that tracks the events of the Cutthroat Politics release from Evon Gnashblade's side. These achievements are available until August 6th, 2013. The Southsun Survival achievements were removed on the Queen's Jubilee release, replaced by the Southsun Survival achievement category.

Support Evon Gnashblade.png
Support Evon Gnashblade (Historical)
Total achievements: 12 100Achievement points
This is the meta achievement for this category.This achievement rewards an item. Gnashblade Supporter 25Achievement points
Complete achievements supporting Evon Gnashblade.He couldn't have done it without you.
Reward:Mini Evon Gnashblade.png Mini Evon Gnashblade
6 Achievements Earned 25Achievement points
I Like Evon! 5Achievement points
Contribute one support token for Evon Gnashblade on board of Zephyr Sanctum.Evon for Councillor forever! Support Evon Gnashblade 5Achievement points
Survival Survivor 5Achievement points
Complete games of Southsun Survival.You made it out alive. 1 Game Played 1Achievement points
5 Games Played 1Achievement points
15 Games Played 3Achievement points
Southsun Survival: High Scorer 5Achievement points
Earn points while playing Southsun Survival.You're legendary. 1 Points Earned 1Achievement points
100 Points Earned 1Achievement points
1,000 Points Earned 1Achievement points
2,500 Points Earned 2Achievement points
Southsun Survival: Master Marksman 10Achievement points
Use Head Shot successfully against opponents in Southsun Survival.Right between the eyes! 1 Successful Head Shots 1Achievement points
5 Successful Head Shots 4Achievement points
10 Successful Head Shots 5Achievement points
This achievement does not count towards the category's meta achievement.This achievement rewards an item.This achievement is repeatable. Southsun Survival Regular 0Achievement points
Participate in 6 rounds.Only the strong survive.
Reward:Loot Sack.png Loot Bag
6 Games Played 0Achievement points
Gnash All the Blades 5Achievement points
Complete daily achievements while supporting Evon Gnashblade.Go, Gnashblade! 1 Daily Achievements Earned While Supporting Evon Gnashblade 1Achievement points
3 Daily Achievements Earned While Supporting Evon Gnashblade 4Achievement points
Gnashblade: Dungeon Runner 10Achievement points
Complete a dungeon while supporting Evon Gnashblade.Don't be afraid of the dark. Dungeons Completed While Supporting Gnashblade 10Achievement points
Gnashblade: Homeland Support 5Achievement points
Complete events in the Ascalon region while supporting Evon Gnashblade.Safety begins at home. 1 Ascalon Events Completed While Supporting Gnashblade 1Achievement points
5 Ascalon Events Completed While Supporting Gnashblade 1Achievement points
10 Ascalon Events Completed While Supporting Gnashblade 1Achievement points
20 Ascalon Events Completed While Supporting Gnashblade 2Achievement points
Gnashblade: Direct Support 5Achievement points
Complete Tiers 1 and 2 of Evon Gnashblade's candidate trials.Evon Gnashblade is the best! 1 Tiers Completed 1Achievement points
2 Tiers Completed 4Achievement points
Gnashblade: Maw Mulcher 10Achievement points
Defeat the Jade Maw within Fractals of the Mists while supporting Evon Gnashblade.Mulch that Maw! 1 Jade Maw Defeated While Supporting Gnashblade 10Achievement points
Gnashblade: Advanced Support 15Achievement points
Complete Tiers 3 and 4 of Evon Gnashblade's candidate trials.Not for the faint of heart!
Prerequisite: Gnashblade: Direct Support
1 Tiers Completed 5Achievement points
2 Tiers Completed 10Achievement points


  • For Gnash All the Blades, you progress only when receiving the daily reward chest, not each individual track. However, PvE and PvP count separately, allowing up to two points of progression per day. Receiving the monthly reward chest also counts towards completion of that title.