Dragon Bash (2013 achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see Dragon Bash 2013.

Dragon Bash is a historical achievement category for achievements earned during Dragon Bash 2013.

Dragon Bash (achievements).png
Dragon Bash 2013 (Historical)
Total achievements: 11 155Achievement points


Burn Down The Dragons

Find and light Dragon Effigies in zones leading up to Lion's Arch. Each can be lit more than once by the same character after a cooldown of up to three hours. The same effigy can be lit by multiple characters or a single character can guest to other servers.

Color the Sky
See also: Fireworks Launcher

Activate 100 fireworks, using Fireworks Launchers in Lion's Arch and/or Fireworks obtained from Dragon Coffers or purchased with Pieces of Zhaitaffy.

Case Closed

Complete Ceremony and Acrimony, Hard Boiled, Every Piece Matters, and No More Secrets.

Ceremony and Acrimony

Talk to Inspector Ellen Kiel in Lion's Arch at the Grand Piazza to enter a single player instance: Memorials on the Pyre. Escort the dolyak with the injured councillors to Fort Marriner to complete it.

Dragon Ball Devotee

Play matches of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Boss

Win Dragon Ball matches.

Paper Dragon

Find and break 150 piñatas spread around Lion's Arch, from Trader's Plazza down to Fort Marriner and west to the lighthouse.

Every Piece Matters

Prerequisite: Hard Boiled. Speak to Inspector Ellen Kiel to enter the Scene of the Crime instance and investigate, then track down the suspects outside the instance. Two of the five suspects cannot be found until June 20.

Hard Boiled

Speak to Marjory Delaqua at The Dead End.

Meet the Hosts

Talk to all 8 Ship's Council members. They can be found on the west side of the Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch. If any Captains are missing, speak to the Lionguard on the platform to get credit.

No More Secrets

Prerequisite: Every Piece Matters.

So Lifelike

Defeat 300 Holographic Dragon Minions summoned from Dragon Holograms in all zones, except in the Ruins of Orr or Southsun Cove.

The Big Boom in the Big City

Attend the fireworks show on June 14th-17th. The fireworks show occurs at dawn, local time, which is once every two hours.

Winner's Circle

Win three moa races by betting on the moa that comes in first.


Collect and eat 250 Pieces of Zhaitaffy.


  • A bug existed prior to the fireworks displays, in that some players entering the overflow instance of Lion's Arch automatically completed the achievement and received Gift of the Dragon Bash (containing the Horns of the Dragon Skins).