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Community is an achievement category for achievements earned by various social activities.

Achievement (General)
Total achievements: 13 193Achievement points
King of the Costume Brawl 15Achievement points
Win 500 costume brawls.Supremely effective with the most ineffective weapons. 1-Time Brawl Champion 1Achievement points
3-Time Brawl Champion 0Achievement points
5-Time Brawl Champion 0Achievement points
10-Time Brawl Champion 0Achievement points
Thirst Slayer 36Achievement points
Consume 100,000 drinks.Continuing a valiant battle against dehydration. 500 drinks 1Achievement points
3,000 drinks 5Achievement points
15,000 drinks 10Achievement points
50,000 drinks 10Achievement points
100,000 drinks 10Achievement points
All You Can Eat 36Achievement points
Consume 800 items of food.No stranger to Tyrian cuisine. 10 Servings 1Achievement points
100 Servings 5Achievement points
200 Servings 10Achievement points
400 Servings 10Achievement points
800 Servings 10Achievement points
Teamwork Gets It Done 30Achievement points
Kill 1,000 enemies using profession combinations with another player.Kills that involved at least one profession combo with another player. 1 Kill Combo with an Ally 1Achievement points
100 Kill Combos with an Ally 4Achievement points
300 Kill Combos with an Ally 5Achievement points
500 Kill Combos with an Ally 10Achievement points
1,000 Kill Combos with an Ally 10Achievement points
This achievement rewards a title No One Left Behind 25Achievement points
Revive 1,000 players.So glad to see you!
Title: Title icon.png Combat Healer
10 Revives 5Achievement points
50 Revives 5Achievement points
100 Revives 5Achievement points
500 Revives 5Achievement points
1,000 Revives 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards an itemThis achievement rewards a title Festive Imbiber 15Achievement points
Drink 10,000 Wintersday drinks. These include spiced cider, buttered spirits, and eggnog.All of these holiday drinks can cause a headache!
Title: Title icon.png Spirited Drinker
Reward:Masterful Toast.png Masterful Toast
50 Holiday Drinks Consumed 1Achievement points
100 Holiday Drinks Consumed 2Achievement points
1,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 3Achievement points
5,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 4Achievement points
10,000 Holiday Drinks Consumed 5Achievement points
Generous Harvest 5Achievement points
Find and use the Gift of Magnanimity. Found the Gift of Magnanimity 5Achievement points
This achievement rewards an itemThis achievement rewards a title Grawnk Munch 5Achievement points
Bring bloodstone delicacies to Grawnk.That poor Grawnk, what a shocking demise. His stomach couldn't handle its stone-bloated size!
Title: Title icon.png Deer Commander
Reward:Holiday Display Case.png Holiday Display Case
Fed Grawnk 3 Times 5Achievement points
Conquer the Creator 0Achievement points
Defeat an ArenaNet employee in Player vs. Player combat. 1 Objective completed 0Achievement points
This achievement rewards a title Connoisseur of Confection 10Achievement points
Eat 2,500 candy canes.Be careful about eating too much at once; those sugar crashes can be painful.
Title: Title icon.png Sweet Tooth
25 Candy Canes Eaten 1Achievement points
75 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points
500 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points
2,500 Candy Canes Eaten 3Achievement points
This achievement rewards an item Friends in High Places 1Achievement points
Enter Lion's Arch in the month of February.You've always got a friend at ArenaNet.
Reward:Endless Princess Doll Tonic.png Endless Friendship Tonic
1/1 1Achievement points
This achievement rewards a title Chairs of the World 10Achievement points
Sit in a wide variety of chairs across Tyria.You're undefeated at getting seated.
Title: Title icon.png Armchair Commander
1/1 Chairs Cherished 1Achievement points
42/42 Chairs Cherished 9Achievement points
This achievement rewards an item For Ravious 5Achievement points
Find Ravious's lost rats around Lion's Arch.Part of the family.
Reward:Jug of Liquid Karma.png Jug of Liquid Karma
1/1 0Achievement points
10/10 0Achievement points
11/11 5Achievement points


The Thirst Slayer tier description does not follow the usual Title Case naming convention of tier descriptions.
  • Conquer the Creator can also be achieved in World vs World.
  • No One Left Behind — A player must be defeated (not downed) before revival to count towards this achievement. NPCs also count.
Connoisseur of Confection consumables
Festive Imbiber consumables