Adventure Guide: Volume Five

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Adventure Guide: Volume Five is an achievement category designed to guide a player's journey while leveling up their character.

Adventure Guide- Volume One.png
Adventure Guide: Volume Five (Character Adventure Guide)
Total achievements: 16 0Achievement points


  1. ^ Defeating the Karka in Southsun Cove: Karka Hatchlings spawned by other karka don't count.
  2. ^ Foraging Plants: Unlike the description says, you need to harvest 20 times, which may yield more materials than that.
  3. ^ Viewing Vistas V:
    • Southsun Cove do not have any vista.
    • The suggested locations are all wrong.
    • Progression is sometimes not working.
  • Any achievement related to the Risen, including Veterans, can be completed in Siren's Landing. This does not include the "Foraging Plants" achievement which can only be completed in the original Ruins of Orr maps.
  • Characters that existed prior to the Character Adventure Guide will receive retroactive credit if they have already completed the objectives of the following achievements: Completing Maps II, Completing Renown Hearts V, Completing Story Chapters IV, Discovering Points of Interest in the Ruins of Orr, Earning Crafting Levels IV, Viewing Vistas V.