Blood and Madness (2013 achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see Blood and Madness 2013.

Blood and Madness is a historical achievement category for achievements earned during Blood and Madness 2013.

Blood and Madness.png
Blood and Madness 2013 (Historical)
Total achievements: 13 107Achievement points


  • The following bug existed:
    • The Achievement Lunatic Inquisition Regular required you to "Participate in 8 rounds" of Lunatic Inquisition. However, the Achievement counter did not always increment after a game. In order to progress, players had to become a ghost and kill villagers. Each kill will counted towards progression once the game finished.
  • Halloween-related dailies count toward the 13 achievements required to complete the Blood and Madness (A Sweet Friend) meta achievement.
  • Players must acquire the Mini Candy-Corn Elemental, or party with someone who has, to progress through the story line past The Reliquary.
  • There is a monster skill named Upset Stomach, unrelated to the achievement of the same name listed above.