Adventure Guide: Volume One

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Adventure Guide: Volume One is an achievement category designed to guide a player's journey while leveling up their character.

Adventure Guide- Volume One.png
Adventure Guide: Volume One (Character Adventure Guide)
Total achievements: 17 0Achievement points


  1. ^ Dodging Attacks I: Other forms of evasion contribute as well.
  2. ^ Viewing Vistas: Vistas viewed in cities do not count toward this achievement.
Unlike the waypoints in the other starting areas, the waypoint shown for Plains of Ashford for Using Waypoints is not the waypoint unlocked when reaching level 2. Waypoint (map icon).png Vir's Gate Waypoint is suggested instead.
  • Characters that existed prior to the Character Adventure Guide will receive retroactive credit if they have already completed the objectives of the following achievements: Completing Renown Hearts I, Discovering Points of Interest I, Leveling Up I, The Adventure Begins, Viewing Vistas.