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PvP Conqueror is an achievement category for achievements earned by earning kills in PvP, as well as winning PvP matches and tournaments.

PvP Conqueror.png
PvP Conqueror (Player vs. Player)
Total achievements: 59 1800Achievement points


  1. ^ True Dragon: The amount of PvP Rank required to complete this achievement is equal to the amount it originally took, to reach rank 80 before the April 15, 2014 game update.
  2. ^ Versatile: Though the tier description demands "tournaments won" participation with each class once is enough.
  • Primordial Legend was bugged during the PvP League season 1 and players that reached the Legendary Division received a consumable to earn the progress made during the season.
  • Unlike most achievement descriptions, PvP Conqueror achievements tier descriptions are not capitalized and end each sentence with a period.
  • God of PvP and Legendary Demigod are changed to Goddess of PvP and Legendary Demigoddess if your character is female. This affects the titles that they reward as well.


  • When you have only 1 task done, for example you won one match as a warrior, the achievements tier description is singular (1 match won as a warrior. instead usual X matches won as a warrior.).