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PvP Conqueror is an achievement category for achievements earned by earning kills in PvP, as well as winning PvP matches and tournaments. A total of 29 PvP Conqueror achievements can be attained.

PvP Conqueror.png
PvP Conqueror (Player vs. Player)
Total achievements: 58 1799Achievement points


  1. ^ Versatile: Though the tier description demands "tournaments won" participation with each class once is enough.
  • Primordial Legend was bugged during the PvP League season 1 and players that reached the Legendary Division received a consumable to earn the progress made during the season.
  • Unlike most achievement descriptions, PvP Conqueror achievements tier descriptions are not capitalized and end each sentence with a period.
  • God of PvP and Legendary Demigod are changed to Goddess of PvP and Legendary Demigoddess if your character is female. This affects the titles that they reward as well.


  • When you have only 1 task done, for example you won one match as a warrior, the achievements tier description is singular (1 match won as a warrior. instead usual X matches won as a warrior.).