The Shatterer (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievements. For the boss fight, see The Shatterer.
The Shatterer.png
The Shatterer (General)
Total achievements: 12 110Achievement points
This achievement rewards an item. The Shatterer 25Achievement points
The Shatterer Achievements completed: x/10
Reward:Branded Backpiece.png Branded Backpiece
25Achievement points
Burns Blunder 10Achievement points
Stand in the wrong place when the Shatterer Lands.Incoming! 10Achievement points
Medic! 10Achievement points
Provide med kits to your allies using the mortars or the glider bomber kit.The only time it's wise to run toward the sound of mortars. 1 med kit provided 1Achievement points
10 med kits provided 2Achievement points
25 med kits provided 3Achievement points
50 med kits provided 4Achievement points
Shattering Evasion 5Achievement points
Defeat the Shatterer without ever being imprisoned in a crystal.Dodge! 5Achievement points
Shattering Setup 3Achievement points
Use the mortar, turret, and jump pad at Lowland Burns during the Shatterer fight.BOOM! Used 1 of the 3 1Achievement points
Used all 3 2Achievement points
Bash the Dragon 10Achievement points
Defeat the Shatterer. Defeated 1 time 1Achievement points
Defeated 5 times 4Achievement points
Defeated 10 times 5Achievement points
Crystal Clear 10Achievement points
Break 40 people out of crystal prisons created by the Shatterer.Break them before they break you! 1 person freed from crystal 1Achievement points
15 people freed from crystals 4Achievement points
40 people freed from crystals 5Achievement points
Crystal Healing Denier 6Achievement points
Destroy 20 pulsating crystal nodes during the Shatterer battle.Healing crystals? Sounds like a scam... 1 crystal destroyed 1Achievement points
10 crystals destroyed 2Achievement points
20 crystals destroyed 3Achievement points
Branded Bane 10Achievement points
Kill 500 Branded during the Shatterer battle.Crystallized corpses as far as the eye can see! 1 Branded killed 1Achievement points
100 Branded killed 2Achievement points
250 Branded killed 3Achievement points
500 Branded killed 4Achievement points
No-Fly Zone 6Achievement points
Break the Shatterer's defiance bar 20 times, preventing its Shard Storm attack.Get down here; we're not done with you! 1 defiance bar broken 1Achievement points
5 defiance bars broken 2Achievement points
20 defiance bars broken 3Achievement points
Lightning Reflexes 10Achievement points
Dodge the Shatterer's Focused Lightning Attack 40 times while gliding.Faster than greased lightning! 1 attack dodged 1Achievement points
15 attacks dodged 4Achievement points
40 attacks dodged 5Achievement points
Smash the Dragon 5Achievement points
Complete the fight without the Shatterer ever taking off and using Shard Storm.Shattered wings. 5Achievement points