Justice of the Blade

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Justice of the Blade is an achievement category for achievements related to the increased Bandit activity in Kryta leading up to and during Living World Season 3.

Justice of the Blade.png
Justice of the Blade (Side Stories)
Total achievements: 9 Central Tyria mastery point 111Achievement points


Tip of the Blade[edit]

Acquire an Encoded Orders item that randomly drops from any bandit. This can be taken to Shining Blade Officer Ralan in Divinity's Reach to exchange for a bounty order for one of the champion Bandit Leaders. You can double click the bounty for that bandit leader's location. There are 10 bandit leaders that can be assigned. Defeat the bandit identified by the bounty to get this achievement.

Bounty Hunter[edit]

Complete 3 bounty orders to get this achievement. These require a bounty order that matches each bandit leader killed. The kills do not need to be on separate days, so multiple bounty orders can be saved up and completed on a single day. This achievement can be repeated for full rewards 6 times in total. After 6 times and a total of 30Achievement points no more achievement points are awarded, but the achievement still rewards Shining Blade War Supplies.

Long Arm of the Light[edit]

See also: Long Arm of the Light

Defeat all five of the below bandit leaders to get this achievement. You do not need to be carrying a bounty for that bandit to progress this achievement, only defeat them.

Long Arm of the Light II[edit]

See also: Long Arm of the Light II

Defeat all five of the below bandit leaders to get this achievement. You do not need to be carrying a bounty for that bandit to progress this achievement, only defeat them.

Stay of Execution[edit]

After defeating one of the above champions, there is a chance that the Legendary Bandit Executioner will spawn. This chance is improved with more Bandit Death Marks. Defeat the Executioner to complete the achievement.

Informed Politics[edit]

Primary article: Posted_Message#Locations

Twenty messages have been posted around Kryta. Locate each of them and remove them to get this achievement. See the locations on the Posted Messages page.

Open Letters[edit]

Primary article: Open_Letters#Objectives

To do this achievement, you must have already completed the Season 3 episode: Out of the Shadows. You start this achievement by reading any of the 5 letters or the 5 new posted messages.

Posted Messages

Five more posted messages have appeared around the human lands to the people of Kryta.. These are different than the ones in Informed Politics, as they reference events after the episode:

  • Located in Shire of Beetletun, on the wall before the entrance to Caudecus's Manor. Head northeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Beetletun Waypoint.
  • Located in Triskell Quay. Head northwest from Waypoint (map icon).png Overlake Haven Waypoint and go to the wall directly north of it (up the stairs).
  • Located in Ascalon Settlement, directly east of the Waypoint (map icon).png Ascalon Settlement Waypoint, next to the door.
  • Located in Seraph's Landing, directly south of Waypoint (map icon).png Seraph's Landing Waypoint, next to the door leading out. (Not the one up the stairs, that's the previous achievement).
  • Located on the wall of a house, southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Fields Waypoint. Head south past the irrigation, then up the hill west to the message on the wall.
Hidden Letters

Five letters have been sent to the Bandit Leaders in the above achievements. You find these letters by interacting with the Supply boxes near them. See the above achievements to find their nearest waypoint.


  • This achievement category was added on August 8th, 2017, and was split from the Current Events category.