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Legendary Weapons (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about Legendary weapon collections. For the main page on legendary weapons, see Legendary weapon.

Legendary Weapons is a category of Collections achievements that allows players to craft precursor weapons, which are used to craft legendary weapons. These collections require progress in the Legendary Crafting mastery track.


Legendary Weapons (achievements).png
Legendary Weapons (Collections)
Total achievements: 103 243Achievement points

Mails received upon completing each tier[edit]

Tier 1


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Your Legendary Journey

Hail, Mighty Crafter!

I would like to congratulate you on your initial successes in creating your legendary weapon! It may not seem like much—an experimental creation. From it, you can build your legendary precursor and eventually your mighty legendary weapon itself.

Your journey is far from over; the next collection on your journey has been unlocked. Check it out to see where your quest takes you next.

—Yours in legend,
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Tier 2


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Your Legendary Journey

Hail, Quester of Legends!

Let me be among the first to congratulate you on the power of your mastery and the new doors that it opens to you! You are well on your way to crafting your precursor—on the path to attaining your legendary weapon itself!

Your next collection has been unlocked, detailing your steps for when you are ready to begin this next epic phase of your adventure! I have utter and complete faith in your ability to handle the daunting tasks presented to you.

—Yours in might and yours in magic,
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Tier 3


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Your Legendary Journey

Hail, O Penultimate Creator!

I am delighted to hear of your prowess and power, and of your progress in attaining the necessary precursor to create your legendary weapon. You have strode the lands of Tyria like a giant, battled its fell beasts, and succeeded where so many have turned aside. Congratulations!

The final collection in your journey has been unlocked detailing some of the tasks necessary to accomplish your ultimate goal. You should also go see Miyani, who holds the recipes necessary for those final steps in creating your legendary weapon! She will be expecting you.

Do not falter! Success is within your grasp!

Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs


  • Upon crafting a precursor in the crafting station the following message will appear:
Congratulations! You've crafted the legendary precursor <name>.
Completing the penultimate chapter of your journey to the legendary <weapon> <weapon name>.