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Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the release, see Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire.

Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire is an achievement category for the achievements earned during the Forging Steel strike mission and the Darkrime Delves story.

Steel and Fire Mastery

Visions of the Past- Steel and Fire.png
Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 48 285Achievement points

Footstep collections[edit]

Each of these collections is similar:

  • The first item is an account bound item from Steel Warband Weapon Box.pngSteel Warband Weapon Box, a weekly strike mission reward, which time gates the achievements to one per week.
  • There are items from jumping puzzle end chests.
  • All collections require completing the Forging Steel strike mission.
Footstep collection achievements

Visions of the Past[edit]

To complete the following achievements:

Visions of the Past achievements


North Nolan Hatchery[edit]

Canach's Lair[edit]

The Nightmare Incarnate[edit]


  1. ^ Alpha Strike: The Ancient Forgeman's defiance bar must be broken within a time limit. Use the tank's skill 3, Harpoon, and hit the chained skill Grapple Target in quick repetition. When the Ancient Forgeman is restrained, shoot it with skill 1, Rifle Shot. Grenade Shots don't count.
  2. ^ Experimentation: Mine Eternal Ice nodes. You do not need to mine 30 nodes or collect 30 shards, but must strike the nodes with your pickaxe 30 times. Additionally, you must have started the Nicabar Steelweaver's Footsteps collection.
  3. ^ Heavy Rival: Players must kill no less than 15 creatures during a "Compete with Cinder" event to receive credit. If the Icebrood or Stone Summit blocking the tank are cleared before that, the event will succeed, but no credit for the achievement will be given.
  4. ^ Preparing the Eye: Talk to Lady Camilla and purchase the services listed in the achievement objectives.
  5. ^ Slaver's Extinction: Only Stone Summit kills count.
  6. ^ Spa Day: After completing the strike, teleport back to the first Waypoint (Warband Camp) and head south-east. Jump into the bubbling part of the hot spring and use the /sit emote.
  7. ^ Strike While the Crystal Is Hot: Requires completion of any of the Footsteps collections and a purchase of Prototype Harmonizing Mist Loom to unlock this achievement.