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Transfer Chaser is an achievement category for achievements regarding Seis Burntheart's tracking of magical disturbances during Living World Season 3.

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Transfer Chaser (Side Stories)
Total achievements: 7 Central Tyria mastery point 40Achievement points


Disturbance in the Depths[edit]

Speak to Seis Burntheart in the Elder's Vale encampment within Frostgorge Sound.

Transfer Chaser[edit]

Primary article: Transfer Chaser

Seis has placed sensors around each map she was on and needs players' help to recover them for analysis. By speaking to her, players are granted a special action skill to help find the sensors. Finding five in each location grants you the Sensor Scouter achievement for that map and progress towards the Transfer Chaser achievement. Seis has now returned to the first location in Frostgorge Sound. All following locations can be completed by speaking to an Elemental Sprite in the same spot.

Sensor Scouter (multiple)[edit]

These five achievements are granted by locating five sensors in each of the maps Seis visits. The sprite (or Seis) can be found at the following spots:

  • Frostgorge Sound: Point of interest (map icon).png Elder's Vale - North of the point of interest. Closest waypoint: Waypoint (map icon).png Earthshake Waypoint.
  • Snowden Drifts: Waypoint (map icon).png Highpass Haven Waypoint - Inside Highpass Haven.
  • Lornar's Pass: Point of interest (map icon).png Nentor's Consolidated Mine - Inside the fort. Closest waypoint: Waypoint (map icon).png Nentor Waypoint.
  • Bloodtide Coast: Waypoint (map icon).png Marshwatch Haven Waypoint - Inside Marshwatch Haven.
  • Southsun Cove: Waypoint (map icon).png Pearl Islet Waypoint - South of the waypoint, on the platform overhanging the beach bar.


  • This achievement category was added on August 8th, 2017, and was split from the Current Events category.
  • Swapping maps (even if it's just another instance of your current one) will cancel your current progress on that map. You will have to speak to the Elemental Sprite again and start over.