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Anomalous Occurrences

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Anomalous Occurrences is an achievement category for achievements relating to the Anomalies throughout Tyria leading up to and during Living World Season 3.

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Anomalous Occurrences (Side Stories)
Total achievements: 9 82Achievement points


Anomaly Sighted[edit]

See also: Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads

To get this achievement, simply attempt the Ley-Line Anomaly event. Success or failure is not required.

Dispersed Anomaly[edit]

During the Ley-Line Anomaly event, do not let the Ley-Line Anomaly absorb any of the coalescences found at locations on its path. There are several groups that spawn around each map during the event that must be defeated before the Anomaly arrives at that location. A group of about 5 is best to go ahead of the group and take it out, as above that will cause additional coalescences to spawn, making it much harder to complete in time. The group with the Anomaly should focus on breaking the defiance bar as quickly as possible to give the group more time.

Fragmented Anomaly[edit]

During the Ley-Line Anomaly event, defeat the Anomaly without letting it re-absorb any fragments that spawn after breaking the defiance bar. Players can either defeat the fragments or use CC and/or the special action that appears near them to stun and push them back. The fragments need to be held back until the timer ends and the Anomaly becomes vulnerable.

Anomalies of the World[edit]

Defeat the Anomaly in each the 3 zones they appear to get this achievement.

Anomalous Results[edit]

Defeat the Anomaly 10 times in total to get this achievement (do the event successfully 10 times).

Bloodstone Sightings[edit]

Primary article: Bloodstone Sightings

Gather Levvi's Device from a Consortium Tracker's body in Wyvern Cliffs and encounter each of the five Bloodstone-Crazed creatures around the world.

Bloodstone Harvest[edit]

Primary article: Bloodstone Harvest

Collect all 15 Bloodstone Slivers that have appeared around the world after the explosion. Five of the slivers can only be gotten from defeating the Bloodstone-Crazed creatures in the previous achievement.

Burden of Choice[edit]

Primary article: Burden of Choice
  1. Locate and touch one of the anomalous visions that appear at random to unlock the achievement. If you do not see the anomalies, find and encounter one of the anomalies to get the Anomaly Sighted achievement above.
  2. After touching an anomaly, head to the Durmand Priory in Lornar's Pass (Waypoint (map icon).png Durmand Priory Waypoint).
  3. Go down the long hallway in the Priory and stay to the left to enter the instanced via the gated stairway down.
  4. Once down, go to Gixx's office (Office Door, third door on the right). There will be a Current Events icon visible behind it).
  5. Open the door and speak to Ogden. He will tell you to talk to Historian Tranton, who is across the hall and now has the Current Events icon.
  6. Speak to Tranton to receive a Broken Shadowstone.
  7. Go complete at least 4 slivers from the "Bloodstone Harvest" achievement. (if you have already done any, they will already be completed)
  8. At this point, the next time you change zones after gathering the four bloodstone slivers, you will receive a mail from the Consortium telling you to speak to Tradesman Maezz. If you previously completed the Bloodstone Harvest achievement, just leave the instance to trigger the mail.
  9. Head to Lion's Court and find Maezz at the southwest corner.
  10. Speak to him to receive the Reforged Shadowstone. You can also choose to ignore the Consortium and only speak to Tranton.
  11. Return to Historian Tranton and speak to him.
You now have a choice (hence the name of the achievement).
  • You can give Tranton the Reforged Shadowstone and he will use it on you with the following results:
    • You get an out-of-body experience and get to keep the stone.
    • This will stop the anomalous visions from appearing around the world.
    • Whenever you change into an anomaly in the Mystic Forge, your body changes to a yellow/pink colored version based on your race and gender.
  • You can also return to Maezz and give it to him with the following results:
    • You lose the stone permanently and you receive a Bottle of Highly Concentrated Krait Oil, which stops the anomalous visions from appearing.
    • Whenever you change into an anomaly in the Mystic Forge, your body changes to a blue colored version based on your race and gender.

Both options complete the achievement.


  • This achievement category was added on August 8th, 2017, and was split from the Current Events category.